Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marissa August 22, 2011

Oh Grandma Beth!
Oh how I loved every minute of you!  She always made me laugh and feel good.  Never complained a second of her life.   Always looking for the good in others and always had a smile on her face.  I'll never forget all the good memories I shared with her.  Even if it was just reminicsing of her train-track she will always be known from my friends as the train-track Grandma.  Or when Hannah and I made fun of her Moe haircut from the 3 stooges.  As Beth would say...Oh bless her soul!  Oh bless your soul Grandma Beth for being the rock of our family.  For staying strong.  Bless you for being at my every dance, piano recital, and soccer game.  I always heard her voice over every one ele's as a kid...."Yay Marissa Maroo from Peru!"  She was always well dressed and had a new hair-do.  She was beautiful.  I know that if I ever needed someone to talk to she was just a phone call away.  Whether it be my boy-problems or other choices I had to make, she always had good advice to offer.  The best advice she offered was, "You let him take care of you, LET HIM PAY!!!"  haha I'll never forget that.  Oh Grandma, always saying and doing the darnest things.  Life is so much more than just being born, waking up everyday, brushing your teeth, then passing away.  God has a plan for us and has given us families to take care of one another on this earth.  He trusts us to take care of one another.  Bob has done just that.  He has been there for her every need.  What a Christ-like example and love he has demonstrated so thank you Bob.  I'll never forget the time when Bob had the TV volume way up to 74 during his favorite show Jeapordy.  Beth was trying to talk to him from the other room and he wasn't responding.  She said, "Bob turn down that TV so you can hear me."  no response.  5 minutes later it was comercial and finally that loud thing wen to mute and Bob says jokingly, "Beth I don't wanna hear ya."  haha she laughs and came in and gave him a big kiss.  They were always so funny!  They loved each other so much.  How grateful I am for you Grandpa and taking care of my Grandma Beth.  I love you so much and you have also been a good example to me and just a crack up to have around the Walker home.  Both of you always made everyone laugh.  I always looked forward to you visiting or going to Grandma and Grandpa's house!!!  Granny always was trying to brighten your day.  Whether it was presents, kind words, or a funny story.  Although some of the funny stories would not be appropriate at this time many other thought provoking, learning experiences to share like the time I kicked the soccer ball in the air to show off for the neighborhood boys in Wrightwood.  That ball landed smack right on top of her car windshield shattering the thing.  I wanted to tell her but my family was taking my back to school shopping that night and I didn't want to not miss out this once a year experience.  I got a phone call an hour after we left because Craig and Cameron asked if they could go break Grandma's other wind-shield.  I apologized as my mother said then asked what I could do to help pay for it.  She quickly said not to worry about it and forgave me without even thinking about it.  Man I should have just told her the moment it happened if it would have been that easy.  What a Christ-like example she was to me.  I have learned through her the power of forgiveness.  How easy it was for Christ to love and forgive everyone because he knew they were not perfect but were trying their best.  What a Christ like example she has been to me my whole life.  What a beautiful day it was last year on Christmas eve when both my Grandpa Martin and Grandma Beth were in the same house same room with all of us just laughing and chatting away.  The power of forgiveness is real through and only through the atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I know God lives as well as his beloved son Jesus Christ.  So much that he showed how to make it through this life.  He succeeded and accomplished God's plan so that we would have a Savior because we cannot do it alone.  We just can't no matter how hard we try.  I've had to rely on the atonement and I know it's healing power first-hand.  How grateful I  am for my Grandmother for helping me realize that.  I'm glad I got to be up in Utah with her for the time I did.  What a blessing she is in my life.  I know the divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave.  I know Grandma is in a happier place right now starting a whole new chapter of eternal life.  I know she was greeted by her family as well as the hosts of heaven whom she has done work for on this earth.  I I know she is at the face and in God's hands who has make it passible for all to return to His presence and for families to be united eternally.  I will see my Grandmother again!  She is up there just cheering us on.  Bless her soul.  I LOVE HER!!!!  Now I must continue laboring in this sweet message that truth is restored, God loves His children and wants us to live again in His presence.  I know Jesus Christ is His beloved Son, my Savior, my Redeemer, this I know in the name of Jesus Christ amen. 
Love you guys and hope all is going well and not too crazy there.  When is the funeral?  Any other details I should know?  How is everyone handling it?  Well you are all in my prayers and everything is going great here!
Craig....please send the plan of salvation notes from Brother Bott's class esp. the part on the 1/3 hosts of heaven thing...ya know what I'm talking about??  and PS you or Ryan never write me why>?  haha.
Love you all,
Hermana Walker

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