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Marissa August 29, 2011

Let me start off by giving Mikey a shout out for getting the job down in Texas with a big time JP Morgan company!!!  That made my week to hear that congrats you'll be great, I'll be sending you a letter today.  Glad to hear the funeral all went well.  So this week is kinda full of stories...but they're funny one's.
No visa, probably won´t make it to the Spain MTC but I love it here :)
So we found a mouse in the bedroom scurrying around....GROSS.  You can imagine a bunch of girls squirming and squeeeeeling around.  It freaked me out for the next couple of nights thinkin that something furry would end up in bed with me.  It probably found the food.  We put in mouse traps so hopefully that will help.  The Elder's decided somehow that it was prank week.  Out of all the Hermana's they decided I would take it the best.  So First was the woopy cushion.  They got me good.  Then because I'm gulible they make up stories like how were allowed to take a bus to see different temples in the valley; etc.  It was like prank after prank but it was funny so I just learned to laugh with them.  Growing up with brothers I'm used to it. 
I see Brooke McEween everywhere!  She just got hired here.  She came and observed our class for the last hour and it was fun to have her there.  She's grown up a lot!!!  We get new teachers this week and all the Hermana's keep talking about this cute teacher were getting but I have to remind them we're missionaries keeping an eye single to the glory of God.  Haha girls are funny.  We have this really intense sub who comes in too and is a marine so he's way strict!  But his teaching just motivates you to naturally want to be better.  My companion was sick all week then had Pink eye.  It was also her birthday so we went full out and did celebration things all day.  Ofcourse I put it all together.  I think this is where mom comes out in me!  ha.  It was like taking care of a child all week, but a good skill to acquire. 
Thanks for the package it was great!  I got it within the same day you sent it.  Also...did you guys happen to pull in the MTC after the service on Saturday?  I could have sworn I saw you!  I was sitting on the grass eating my sack lunch then I saw a car pull in that looked like you guys.  As you made a "U"iee I you had a BYU sticker on the back and a Nevada license.  haha so whether it was you guys or not I started running after you but you pulled away too quickly.  oh well! 
So I keep getting lots of different letters asking if I'm not only enjoying jut my district, but the work itself.  I know I write a lot about how much I love my district, but may I remind all of you that...THAT IS THE WORK!  ha.  Learning to love others and relate to them and share what you've know to be true your whole life is the work.  That includes having fun together too and just becoming friends with your investigators.  Not some piloted robot.  That is the work of Jesus Christ loving others.  But don't worry I study my heart out everyday and am learning a lot!  It's crazy to see how much I've progressed in a year!  I've learned more about myself, the gospel, and other people in this year and a half then in my whole lifetime. I know this to be the work of the Lord.  And yes it's work, but that is because Salvation and then Exaltation is not a cheep price.  I love the Lord, I love this work, and I love my family and the people here!  Elder Bednar once said, " You all chose to be a missionary in the pre-existence."  I believe that with all my heart.  The thought of going on a mission has never left my heart or head.  I love my Savior and am striving each day to be more like him.  May we all do the same.  Have a good first week of school with homework and assignments while I get to do the greatest work the earth will ever know!  Have a good week, breath, don't stress, be happy, and remember who you are, a precious child of God.  ¡BuenoSuerte!
Hermana Walker

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