Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marissa September 5, 2011

Hello from the MtC hood!!!!  Yes I'm still in the Provo MtC, no I do not have a visa, and yes I am ready to GO!!!!!  haha.  I love it here I do but it's time to get some fresh air.  2 weeks left and I'm out!!!!  Woo-hoo!!!!  Supposedly the Spain visa office here at UVU is closed the whole month of August....lame right?  But I should be getting it any day now. 
Congrats Craigy Baby on the mission call!  Bolivia huh...Cochabamba!!!!!  Funny because I see that word and picture of there temple in Tall lab ever week and make fun of it.  It's kinda an inside joke in our district.  Cho-cho bamboooo!!!!   Scary place.  Funny that everyone was silent in the room when you got the call.  Don't worry mom the Lord will protect him.  The Lord watches over His missionaries unless they go out and do something stupid haha. 
Well it's been an eventful week so to make a short email longer Elder Jeffrey R. Holland from the quorum of the 12 apostles gave our devotional this week.  MAN that man is on fire!!!! Woo!  Best talk and devo ever!!!!  I was lucky and got to sit right in the front where the ASL interpreter was...because the ASL people love me.  I was 10 feet away from an apostle of the Lord.  I was overwelmed with joy and the spirit as he looked me profoundly in the eyes and spoke with motivation and power.  I know why I didn't get my Visa now.  I know that talk was given for me and I needed to hear EVERY word.  He looked right at me most the time and I knew this man was and is forever more called of God. much I was brought to tears.  It was such a special meeting.  Afterwards 2 AsL sisters did an ASL duet.  It was gorgeous.  The whole meeting just spoke to me.  I want to be an ASL interpreter someday.
So it's official I can read Spanish and translate it into English now.  CRAZY!  Now I just have to speak it better.  It's coming.  Interesting how more beautiful the translations are in Spanish.  I have gained more insights and new ideas I have never thought of before pop in my head by translating from language to language.  The gift of tongues is real and such a be-a-utiful thing. 
The Elders put on a Vanquilitrist act for us.  Funniest thing ever!!!!  Man I've never laughed so hard.  Ofcourse it was Elder Rupp and Marble putting it on the show...the 2 funniest Elders.  Little Elder Marble sat on his lap and translated everything Elder Rupp would say in Espanol.  Oh boy 19 year old Elders are funny.  We had a fire alarm again in the girls dorm....someone burnt pop-corn...stupid people...can't stand em'
Tell Cambrie I'm sorry to hear about Patrick.  That breaks my heart we were all such good friends.  Sad day. 
So I feel like I'm living in the 20's with no technology, just letter writing, the huge computers here, all the old school buildings, it's great.  The only thing that's missing is MUSIC!!!!  oh music.  But mom you would have been proud of me, I went to the aerobics class this morning at 6 AM!!!!!!!  woohoo!  It was great.  2 more weeks and I can listen to music.  We tend to make our own music here it's fun.  It's crazy though like I've been able to focus way more without music and my relationship with my Father and His Son has just bloomed.  I've never felt this good about myself in my whole life.  I think everyone should prepare to serve a mission.  Girls and Guys.  In fact we learn in preach my gospel that everyone should prepare while they are young and old to serve a mission, whether they choose to go when the time comes or not!  So mom, dad, ryan, emily be preparing.  It's a good quality to have.  Mom and Dad...have you ever thought about serving a mission someday?  I really want to with my husband.  I'd also like to be a mission president's wife.
Well I know the church is true.  Joseph Smith either saw God the Father and his son in that grove or he didn't.  It's as simple as that.  Why would someone give there life for such a work and a marvelous book....the Book of Mormon?  A book that only testifies that Christ is the Christ.  No evil man could ever write such a book.  No righteous man ever would.  Why would wifes and children suffer for such a cause?  Over one event that happened in a grove early one morning?  Nevermind the millions who travelled and gave their lives for such a cause.  Because it was true and it is still true today.  I know my Savior lives and I know he visited the people in the Americas after he rose to His father.  I know God still speaks to His children today because he cares and just wants us to be happy.  So be happy find joy in the work.  learn to LAUGH :)  I love you all more than words can describe.
-Hermana Walker

Hermana Cominadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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