Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cameron Sept. 20, 2011

It was quite an exciting week. 

We worked really hard to get a lot of people at church this week. It was stake conference. The conference was divided into two sessions due to distance. The session in our city was at 4:00. We found several people who wanted to go to church and said they would. But it's always the people you least expect who end up going. Maykon got the Melchizedek priesthood on Sunday. That was really quick! Well, when bishop loves the converts, it goes really quickly. 

We are working this week with a man called Elias. He is one of those people that all the missionaries work with. His wife is a member and even served a mission. To this day, no one has baptized him. We show up there to help. We don't teach anything because he's probably already heard everything. We just sit and talk. Turns out, he wants to be baptized and has a testimony. His problem is that he drinks and smokes. If we could just get rid of those two, he would be easy water. But these are the two giants that every missionary fears. I've never had too much success with people with addictions. We'll see.

Monday, I didn't write because there was a leadership training in Rio. It was just for the district leaders. Everything that was said was perfect. I was really quite unsure as to what my responsibilities were as a district leader and how president wants us to lead our districts. Everything was laid out very plainly. I'm sure the mission will be much more powerful now.

I have seen the hand of the Lord in everything. Sunday and Monday were very interesting. While waiting for the other elders to get to our city, we got a phone call that they missed the bus. This means that we would have to go there and meet them, and that I would get in Rio really late. But it just so happened that because of this we had the chance to bless another's life. First, we left the conference a bit early to go home and grab our stuff. On the way we ran into some members that weren't at church. They were coming back from the hospital. They gave us a ride (helped us a lot) and we gave her a blessing. Second. Due to the fact that we got late in Rio, we ran into two lost elders in the bus station that were going to the same house that we were. Third. Because we got back so late, we ended up staying the night at a different house. Elder Alvorado (Kyle) was there. I got to say goodbye. We were happy to see each other. He said something that I don't think I will ever forget. He said, "You know how being a missionary we always want to do things that aren't allowed. You think, "man I really want to listen to some good music right now." Well, when I found out I was going home, I didn't want any of that. I just wanted my mission back." Yes, he went home yesterday due to his medical condition. Fourth. We happened to be on the right bus at the right time going to the training because we ran into more lost elders who didn't know how to get to the chapel. Fifth, on the way to the chapel, right when I got off the bus, I ran into Gluacio. Glaucio is the father of the family Elder Nelson and I baptized on my very first month of the mission. Unfortunately he isn't active, but it couldn't have been pure coincidence that I ran into him. It all started when the other elders missed that bus coming to my city. Had they made it, none of this would have happened.

The church is true. Love you all

Com amor,
Elder Walker

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