Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marissa September 12, 2011

Wow sounds like you made a ton of pasta!  And totally jealous about the Pestana thing.  That's awesome!   Did you dedicate Grandma's grave?  I just found out you can do that! crazy that cassidy brown was there too w/ Pat I remember her very well that's too bad.  Congrats on the Job Dad that's sweet.  Guess you'll just have to hire me as your ballroom and dance instructor in 3 years.  I think this will be a great opportunity for you! 
9-11 I was in 7th grade.  Same as Cameron and you I was sitting in the Kitchen with Dad and everyone and we always had on the news.  Dad said that's where my choirs and I used to sing.  And at school I remember Mrs. Vavolisa making us write in our journals.  Lot's of crazy things that day I remember.  We had a very special day here at the MTC.  They did this whole special on 9-11 with a video and music and spoken words w/ Tom Bradkaw or whatever his name is.  President went on to say that although not everyone here at the MTC is from America it effected the WHOLE world.  Then he spoke on those who go about, the wicked, arising in secret combinations.  How grateful I am for all of those that gave and give their lifes for this country and the Lord's work.  I felt something for them all today.  I also went to Choir that day, whom the Choir director was a spitten image of Dad and his Choir personality he gets when he directs.  He was funny and told cool stories.
Mom and Dad can I just start by saying I love your thoughts and letters you send.  It's like Christmas as a missionary or my entertainment for the week to live vicariously through your lives.  I love it and am so grateful you raised us the way you did!  I feel like I want to hear more of your mission stories the more I see how cool a mission really is.
Sorry that I am terrible everyone about writing letters.  It's been busy but I promise sooner or later I will write back.  I feel like there's no time to write on P-days, there not Prep days here they're P-moments.  We still have class etc.  But it's fun!  I end up sleeping on my breaks instead of writing letters so sorry everyone I'm getting behind on my writing   Oh and you know that ya'll can write letters that are free through Dear right?  Just sayin
So the Elders in our District received their flight plans to Dallas this week.  Still nothing for us   Esta bien!  It'll come this week I just know it!  I'm getting more week until we actually get to get out and teach real people!  It's about time I'm soooo ready. 
So it's a miracle Cam and Craig wrote and I appreciated what they had to say.  I love my brothers and they have grown up so much it's crazy!  Ryan how are you, you're officially the only one I never hear from!  So I figured out that if I'm going to get married with all my brothers there it needs to be the summer of 2014 haha!  Because that's the only time we'll all be together again as a family before Ryan leaves on his mission.  Not that I'm thinkin about those things....but being the night owl that I am I lay there forever in my bed trying to fall asleep...soooo that was just a thought as I was counting sheep.  haha! 
Well I love you all, the church is true. 
Hermana Walker

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