Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marissa September 20, 2011 from the Madrid MTC

Hola Familia y amigos
Well here I am in España!  made it safe!   This country is beautiful.  How awesome it was to get on that plane with my fellow Spaniards.  I love the people already can´t even explain how they somehow just fit my `personality.  So many missionary opportunities to share.  ¨I placed my first El Libro de Mormón!´´  which is the book of mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ.  I was also able to give a couple of pamphlets away and pass along cards.  How wonderful it was to look out of the plane and see Portugal after a long plane ride over the Atlantic.  I sat next to an elder going to Barcelona as well.  it was a blast! 
So excited so many good things to tell but unfortunately I have to keep it short.  All the elders played a guessing game where we would all be reassigned to because we had no word of visas and were supposed to leave in 4 days. I was a grandma over at the provo mtc, got to host the new missionaries then received word of my visa this just last Thursday.  We got to go to the consolate of spain´s house! so beautiful with all the spaniard art work everywhere!  Elder Ballard spoke to us at devotional which was a suprise and my hermana, mi compañera, received word she will not be going to españa with the rest of us because of visa problems.  She was reassigned to the salt lake city mission, which is where she is from.  She wasn´t at all thrilled, but I reminded her of the blessings that come from faith and a good attitude.  She never complained again after that. 
It was hard saying goodbye to the elders, but it was time to move on to bigger and better things.  I felt like I didn´t get much studying done my last week because I was so busy with packing, visa paperwork, signing everyone´s books, taking pictures, going away meetings, devos, then finally saying goodbye!  I love it here!   i get to be here a week then I´ll take a train to Barcelona on Tuesday.  the temple is gorgeous, the weather is fantastic, and the people are beautiful!  I´m a little loopy from no sleep for 24 hours but president won´t let us sleep until tonight because that´s what´s best!
Well I´ll talk to you on Thursday again, that´s prep day.  I love you all, don´t worry about me.  I´m doing more than great!  Mom and Dad take it easy on yourselves.  I´m the last thing you need to worry about.  Love you all, the church is true.  Be happy and breath you crazy Walkers!! 
Bueno Suerte!
-Hermana Walker

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