Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cameron August 22, 2011

Dear Family,

My week went very well.

It all started Tuesday. My cell phone broke because it got wet. WE had to leave early in the morning to be in Rio, but we had no way to call a taxi. So, we arranged to have a guy pick us up at a specified time. He didn't show up and we were going to miss our onibus, so we went to the nearest pay phone to call him. He said he would show up in 5 minutes. He took 10 minutes. We rushed over to the bus station. I ran to catch our bus in case it happened to be leaving late. (it was already 5 minutes after it's time to leave). It was still there! We barely made it because it was leaving in that moment.  Got here in Nova Friburgo that afternoon. 

My comp is awesome. He only has two months on the mission, but he is already on fire. Some people were just born to be missionaries. His name is Elder Branco and he is from Florionópolis. We get along very well.

Nova Friburgo is a great area. The ward is doing rather well. The city is still recovering from the disaster in January. It's really incredible to hear the testimonies of people who lived through the disaster. There is a lot of evidence still included houses that are half gone lots of piles of dirt that fell from the mountains, etc. 

We baptized this week!! His name is Gilmar. He is the last in his family to be baptized. The rest of his family was baptized last year and he barely moved back in with his wife and kids. Elder Branco really knew what to say to him because he changed his mind this week and decided to be baptized. He talked about the importance of having the father figure in the family. His family needs him to be a priesthood holder for them. It was really bold and just what he needed to hear. The family is way cool!!

We are also working with a man named Maicom. He had an accident a few years ago and lost the ability to speak. He is slowly recovering. He has a few more changes to make before he can be baptized, but he is way excited. He is showing fruits of repentance. We learned about family history on sunday and that night we went to his house and he was already looking up He will have an interview with the mission president next week. I hope everything goes well for him. 

We are also working on another family. Fatima is a single mother with several kids: Flavia, Betinho and marlom. They have gone to church several times already, but fatima doesn't feel the desire to be baptized yet. I'm pretty sure it's because she still smokes a little. We will have to help her get rid of that this week. When she gets baptized Marlom, 11, will go with her for sure. He already wanted to be baptized, but Fatima didn't want him to yet.

Friday we had a ward party with lots of really good food. We showed up earlier. While I was  waiting, I got a phone call. It was President. I knew what it was. He asked me if I believed in the plan of salvation. I said yes. Then he shared the news with me. Nothing tests your testimony like an experience like this. Lots of questions came up. Will I really see her again? Luckily I know that I will. I moved on and worked the rest of the week.

With love,
Elder Walker

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