Monday, September 26, 2011

Cameron September 26, 2011

Dear family,

The week was brutal. We ran around after people, but of course it is extremely difficult to describe our running around in an email. Investigators come and go so quickly. We are given the opportunity to only describe the more special moments.

We met a woman named Célia this week. She was a referral from a member. During the time of the flood, she was helped by the church. She expressed with great sincerity the love she has for the church. What is stopping her from being baptized? She has never been to a church meeting nor read the book of mormon. We will change that. We explained the restoration of the gospel to her and she accepted to read and pray to know if the message is true. We will accompany her this week. 

Democrecina is a elderly woman we found last week and she went to church. She is 92 and still walks like any other person. She loved the church and accepts our visits very openly. We also are trying to help her grandson. We found him first and he invited us to come to his house. Democrecina was BAPTIZED yesterday. She accepted readily. We didn't even have to go pick her up. She was ready with a towel in hand. I think this goes down as the oldest person we have helped to be baptized.

Fátima, our baptism three weeks ago, is a little discouraged. She fell back into her old habits of smoking and drinking coffee. We are trying to help her, but I really believe it just comes right down to her personal desire. She still goes to church which is the bonus. Her daughter takes her every week. 

Maykom, baptism from two weeks ago already received the Priesthood at Stake conference last week. He is going strong. He is starting to invite his friends. We will be working with him a lot. 
Vanuza. She went to church yesterday. She has quite the past. She had a calling in her old church, but she left the church due to corruption. She had a very strong testimony of her church, but then it was sold. That really shook the faith she had. We informed her that our church isn't man's church. Our church will never be sold, nor does anyone in the church work for money. She was rather impressed with the church. I pray that she might be baptized this Saturday after conference. 

A highlight of the week was our district meeting. Because of the help President gave to us district leaders, the meeting went very well. We evaluated our progress, our results and helped each other with investigator´s problems. It felt more like we were all on the same team (which we are) instead of comparing our results and progress. Much more spiritual. Our president really is inspired.

Have a wonderful week. Remember that the church is true. Everyone needs to pray that Rio be blessed with a temple announced at conference!

Com amor,

Elder Walker

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