Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh happy days

Dear family.
Right now, Boston is playing on the radio here in the internet place. I know that this type of music is not really appropriate for the mission, but I´m happy and there´s really nothing I can do about it....:)
So big news happened to my sister....; Emily sold cookies, congratulations Emily on all your hard work. Also, congratulations on winning soccer, you´d do good down here in Bolivia. I always knew you had it in you. That is a life changing moment and you will always draw from those types of experiences. Oh yea, and Marissa got engaged.... The same goes to you.
I´m just kidding Marissa, don´t take it personally. Walkeen is a great guy.
Maybe Cameron will find the same down in Washington D.C.
My guess for Ryan is Chile, misión Viña del Mar. That´ll help get on the ins with Mom and Dad. But just remeber, the Chileanos stole the mar from Bolivia hace casi 200 años. Por eso se celebra aca El Dia Del mar para recordar que odian a Chile.
My week went fine at the end. You guys already know that I went to Potosi for a conferencia de Zona. We taught an hour class and it went excellent (and you can tell according to the picture that Hna Dyer sent). I thought I´d never go back again to Potosi. But it was awesome, I visited many people that I taught and the members there. Alot of people have changed, a lot haven´t. But it wasn´t that much time to visit people because we left for Potosi at 5 in the morning, got there at 8, had our conference at 10 until 6, then left at 7 for sucre. That was a long day.
I could bore you guys with all the `fun´ stuff we do for zona Sucre like do house contracts and help move people, but I´ll have the rest of my life to tell you guys all the cool mission stories.
-Elder Walker
``If your dreams don´t scare you, they aren´t big enough´´
Mom - so we wanted to make root beer with that extract stuff, but I really don´t know how. Send me advice on how please.

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