Monday, June 17, 2013

hola desde Sucre(manta)

Dear Family,
Gracias por su apoyo y sus cartas (Sì Ryan, recibì tu carta). Parece que la famila Walker siempre esta ocupado y ahora, hay de todo; bodas, viajes a todo el mundo, misiónes, trabajos, etc. ¡Buena!
I had a great week. Transfers came. Turns out that my companion is leaving and I´m staying which is a little weird because I´ve been here longer than him. However, he´s not going that far. They´re opening up Sucre 2 or splitting us up. So he´s going to be the zone leader of that one while I stay. The Lord is hurrying up His work, they´re also opening up 3 new areas in Sucre. My new companion will be Elder Cusiatau (or something like that), he´s from Peru. Don´t really know anything about him.
Wednesday, we felt like we shuold go visit an old investigator that we hadn´t visited in 3 months named Crisolago an old guy. Impressions come like this all the time in the mission and it confirms it when you companion feels the same way (It can´t be revelation until you talk to your companion). He already came to church 2 times before and loves hearing us but we dropped him because the influence from his daughters that are from a different church starting coming into his life and he starting asking weird questions. We always talked about the restoration, the book of mormon, life after death (his wife died), etc. This time we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can be saved. Crisolago told us afterwards, ``why didnt you guys teach me this before!´´ That´s what I also asked myself. That is our objective as missionaries, to call repentance to the world. We can talk about almost anthing, but we are called to declare repentance. So Crisolago accepted to come to church and everything.
That was a cool experience. Another one happend Friday. We decided to walk a different road than what we normally take. We ran into a less-active member. She  talked to us about how poor she was, how they can´t buy blankets and the cold is coming, and how they are always sick (they look like it too) and can´t pay for medical attention. He husband only makes about 1500 bs every month. Or 230$ for a family of 6. She wasn´t asking us for money, but for me to call her God father that lives in New York that used to send money to them to help them. While we were talking, a begger came up to us and she gave freely of the little money she had. She really touched my companion´s heart. He probably doesn´t want me to tell anyone this; but we went home, He packed up a couple bags of his sweatshirts, took off the sheets of his bed, and left to buy bread and milk. That woman and her daughters were really happy when we dropped that stuff off and they were singing praises for a good 5 min in a crowded park. I know that they think it was a miracle of God. We just cannot fully comprehend the atonement of Jesus Christ. It also makes me ask myself if I´ve done something good today!?

I´ve had several other experiences here and I eternally grateful for them. Take care.
-Elder Walker

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