Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The two zones

Dear family,

So I don´t know if you guys watched the conference yesterday, but it was pretty awesome. We´ve got to work harder and work better with members. We´re not two churches, missionary work and the bishopric (even though here in Bolivia it sure seems like that. We´re basically the people that run the chruch). ¡El Señor esta apresurando su obra! And as for the facebook thing, I´m not sure yet if that is for all the missions. I would have to ask the mission president what´s going to happen with us.

So this week was pretty busy and stressful. Transfers are always like that. And this transfer they split the Sucre zone as I mentioned before. We have opened up three new areas here this past week. In my time here, I´ve opened up 7 areas. But they´re sending even more missionaries here but without sending more money and supplies. I got 6 missionaries without beds, desks, closets, etc. Luckly for the new sisters that came to my ward, the pensionista let us borrow some extra beds for them to sleep on. 
On a side note, the new sisters in our ward are great and working like crazy.   They are helping all the members be missionaries and soon there will be a lot of success here. All the members are treated them like queens and putting alot more trust in them than with any other Elder. Not that we´re doing anything terrible, its just that they´ve had bad experiences in the past with some not-so obedient elders. 

My new companion Elder Cusiatao is great! He´s probably the calmest and most patient person here. We met someone this week that hates the church and the members. The funny thing is, is that her husband´s a less-active that we went to visit. As we starting talking, I was getting a little angry and put on the defensive. So I looked at my companion so that he can start talking. In the calmest, most loving voice, he started baring a simple testimony of the church. It was perfect. I almost bore my testimony telling her that one day we will be judgeed and you and I will stand face to face. There, you will have to admit the truth. And then we left. Even though this hermana didn´t accept us in that moment, I know she was left thinking that whole about what we said.

I know that the Lord is hurring up his work. We´ve got to be better as members and missionaries and share it with our friends, family, neighbors, etc, everyone! These are the last times. 

Elder Walker

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