Monday, July 22, 2013



We had a great week. I liked Emily´s story about her little miracle. That´s how the mission is every week. There aren´t any huge miracles like parting a sea in half, baptizing a city, or raising the dead (mainly because our faith, we don´t believe we could do that); however, there are several small miracles that help us concentrate and know that this is the Lord´s work. 

A little cool miracle that happened to us was realizing the function of the Holy Ghost in our work, teachings, and lives. We taught a guy my age named John Uña (fingernail in Spanish). This was the second time talking to him. We previously contacted him in his door and gave him a pamphlet to read. The next few times we came back, he wasn´t there. So after a month we went back and he was there and let us in. He said he read the pamphlet (The plan of salvation), but he had a question, Why are there so many churches. So we taught him the restoration. It was a great lesson and he was interested the whole time. When we taught about José Smith and bore testimony, the spirit was really strong there and I know he felt it. It also looked like he was trembling a bit at our words. At the end, told us that he is convinced and he believe us. That almost never happens! I mean, it happens all the time that they are convinced, but they never admit it. It was awesome because he also told us that he has to come to church to find out more information! Yeah, I mean it´s fine by me if you want to come..haha. Just goes to show the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lessons. 

So yeah, things like that happen every week that I just don´t have time to write every little thing or lesson to you guys. I calculated it out. I you teach an average of 20 lessons per week for 2 years, that would be about 2080 lessons! And finding 10 new people to teach would be 1040 people in a mission. Now when you add it up, You can see how Alma baptized thousands of people in 14 years. He would´ve met more than 7280 people and taught more than 14560 lessons to people! That´s a lot of numbers but that´s basically what I do every week trying to find ways to help out other missionaries. Miracles happen one person at a time. Little by little.

So that´s my small email for you guys this week. Next week, expect a bigger one...
-Elder Walker

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