Monday, August 5, 2013


Mom - I got the package. Thanks.

Dear Family,

So right now I have mixed emotions. Transfers again... I´m leaving. The time is flying really fast. I was only with my companion for one transfer, Oh well. I´m going to Cochabamba, a little on the outskirts like Henderson is to Las Vegas. Seems like I´m never in the city. I´m going to be finishing training Elder Laura who has about 6 months  in the mission. I´m really excited because there, I´ll ''die'' and I know there´s a ton of people waiting there for me. I´m also kind of happy that I going down form Zone leader. I mean, I learned a ton, but I´m just tired. Time for someone else. But I´m also kinda sad. We have a marriage-Baptism this Saturday, the familia Mamani. They´ve been ready for a couple weeks, we were just waiting for Sucre to finish the papers for their marriage. It´s not a one day process kind of deal. I think you guys are going through that right now... But today, we finished everything and the date is set for this Saturday! Those two will get married and then baptized with their son and 3 nephews (who are basically like their sons). So that´s 6 people! There´s also another family of 4 that have a date for the 17 of August. Oh well. It seems like I´m always preparing the way for other missionaries. This is the Lord´s work and baptisms, not mine. Some are John the Baptists, others are Jesus, And some are Peters. (if that makes sense).

Seriously, this whole week was focused around making sure those 20 with baptism dates make it to the date we put and helping them come to church. We´ve had a lot of success here and the next person will be very happy as well. Saturday we had a really fun activity called ''Viaje a Hawaii''. You´ve probably heard of it before. We all got on an airplane, then we landed in Hawaii where there were several games put on by the members, a club, and spiritual stuff like be a missionary for two minutes, a distribution center, and the temple. We gave them money so they can spend it on the games, food, etc while in the spiritual stuff, they gained money. At the end, we all got back on the plane to go back to Sucre. Then the plane crashed and we all died. According to the money that you have left, you go to one of the kingdoms of God or outer darkness if you have nothing. It was sweet. My job, besides helping set up and take down, was being the pilot, a temple worker, the judge, and an angel in the Celestial kingdom. Cool stuff. There were many people that weren´t members that came and even many members finally are coming to stuff. 

Keep the faith. Keep the energy. I can´t tell you exactly what this power is, only that it exists. And when a man is in that state of mind, determined to fulfill what he set out for, this power become´s available. 

-Elder Walker

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