Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Dear family,

I can tell you guys are very busy with the wedding and other things.
Can I ask you a favor? Maybe only mom will do this but that`s ok. I`m looking over my companion`s shoulder and he didn`t recieve a letter. And it looks like he`s only had a few emails in 2 months. Maybe you could write a little somin somin to him to encourage him. Here is his email It won`t be that weird because I`ll tell him next week that I sent you guys his email. Thanks.

This week went better that the first! I love this ward. - We had an activity for the independence day of Bolivia, August 6. They had information, food, dances, and traditional stuff from each department from Bolivia. They are 9 for those that aren`t informed about Bolivia. It was funny because the traditional food in each place looked like it had the same ingredients, just cooked or placed differently and with a different name. - For the hard work that we did and the work of the members, the church was FULL yesterday. There were over 200 people, almost double from the first week. From the 2 companionships in the ward 22 investigators came and a ton of less active. It was beautiful. This ward is also open to my ideas for activities and I know they`ll go through with it. They told me to squeeze the rest of the juice out of this ward. 

We have several people that are progressing. We also have several people that could get baptized this Saturday, but there are some obstacles like marriage, problems with the parents, desires, etc. One guy, Manuel Santa Cruz and his wife, that the missionaries have been teaching for the past year is waiting for his lost papers in his town in Peru to get married and baptized. This guy is awesome. He`s blind and can`t work but he has more faith in his finger that I have in my body. We go some days to read the D&C to him and answer his questions. You only need to explain things to him one time and he gets it. He listens to the bible and finished the book of mormon this week from listening to a tape. He`s awesome and I`m glad I`ve had the opportunity to meet and teach him. 

Something that I learned even more this week was the importance of learning who your audience is and teaching to their needs. We taught the teenagers` class, 14-18 year olds, in Sunday school and they actually paid atention. Right after that, I was the guest in the Primary who had to share ''a little somin somin'' wit da kidz (why am I talking like that?). There`s a huge difference between the two. It felt natural talking to teens while I really didn`t like talking to the primary. On a personal note, I feel like I`ll be working with adolescents almost all of life. Anyways, learn who your audience is. Everyone is different. Teach to their needs. 

Don`t party too hard this week. Have fun at the temple Ryan. It`s awesome.

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