Sunday, August 25, 2013


Dear family,

Sounds like the wedding was a success! 

I`m really enjoying the last 4 months of my mission! I get along with my companion and we just have fun everyday. There`s not enough time to worry about the little stuff, get mad; just relax and enjoy it as much as I can. I taught the missionaries in the zone the Haka. We have a noche de hogar (family home evening) almost every night with members and investigators. There I´ve taught them the traditional goofy Walker Family games (example, king of the jungle). I beatbox or sing everywhere I go to get attention. Seriously, I do not get bored here! 

I can really tell the difference between new and experienced missionaries. When I was new I would just try to get my message out there as soon as possible trying to convince them that what I was saying was true. Now, I have fun at the doors and contacting people trying to get them to laugh and see that we`re normal people too. Jesus knew his disciples, their names,family, interests, desires, etc. They had confidence in Him and wanted His help. The same is with investigators. My rule of thumb now is to be fun, then serious after the prayer and in the lesson, and then normal again.  

We`re teaching a family, la familia Prado. The dad´s an inactive. The mom really enjoys our company and is impressed by the way we care and help their family. The 22 year old son William is difficult to find and convince. I`m teaching English to the 16 year old daughter Sanam. And they also have another girl emily`s age. They all came to church this last week which was huge progress. They read everytime we leave assigments. I think they`re more and more convinced everyweek.  I`m more and more impressed at people`s faith in Christ and the Holy Ghost that is the real converter here. 

Well, his is elder Walker signing off saying ''nice work''. Don`t forget to make your delicious and nutritious energy drink. I hate it, but I love it.
-Elder Walker

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