Monday, August 5, 2013

Training . . .

Dear Family,

I was looking at the cool photos that mom sent in the package. Looks like Walkeen replaced me haha. Dad and mom look skinnier, Cameron and Marissa look happier and Ryan looks more handsome with his haircut. Emily, you`re always cute and looks like you`re growing.

So the city I`m in is Sacaba next to Cochabamba. It`s like Henderson and Las Vegas. They`re basically connected but there`s a different government. When I heard it was Sacaba, I was thinking outskirts, more cholitas, drunks, etc. because that`s how it was when I visited one day. But really, my area is the closest to Cochabamba and really nice. I think it`s my nicest area and most comfortable to live, perfect to ''die'' in (in the mission). This will probably be my last area and my best! The people here are intelligent, rich, and humble. It`s perfect. When people are intelligent, but not humble, they understand the message, but usually don´t have the faith follow Christ. When they are humble but not very smart, they listen to what you say and will believe you but really don´t understand why. But when they`re both, the spirit testifies like no other. The members here are also the best! This ward funcions better than any other ward I`ve been in and the bishop is great. The welcomed me into the ward like I`ve always been there. It was wierd because their piano player left on a mission the week before and the bishop was praying for a new one, then I came. Cool right. Seriously, it`s the best!

My companion, Elder Laura from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, has only 6 weeks. So I had to go to a training meeting on how to train since I`ll be finishing his training. People have told me, and I`ve already noticed that he doesn`t like people telling him what to do. He already knows ''everything''. I can testify that he doesn`t. I read in the 12 semanas program that by the end of training they need to be prepared to train if called upon. So had a brilliant idea that would help the both of us. He needs to ''train'' me since he already knows how. I think I convinced him that he`s training me. It`s funny. I told him that I never was trained because my trainer was terrible and we never studied (that`s true). Also that I`m new to this and since you know the area, you can show me what to do because I`m new here. I really do think he`s convinced because he keeps telling the members that I`m new and that he`s training me. 
Yep, so we`re getting along because of that, he`s a good guy and will be a great missionary when he looses his pride.

Yeah, so that`s all I got this week. Oh yea, the family of 6 did get baptized in my last area! That was some good news. I left without saying goodbye to many people. I thought I was leaving wednesday and I had all tuesday to bid my farewells. Well, They told me monday night that I was leaving tuesday morning. Thanks. 

keep it classy and dale duro!
-Elder Walker

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