Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Growth and fotos

 Dear family,

This week was a week of growth for just about all of us. It all started Tuesday after a district meeting. About 8 of us elders get on a tiny bus to go home. Our area is the farthest away and the other 6 get off at about the same time. As they were walking away, this old man and a kinda old women started making some comments about them. ''Mormons... where are they going? They go from house to house and when they get in, they steal from the poor.'' And some more comments. (it wasn`t even true what they were saying. I love the people here and would never steal from them. If they refered to tithing, they should understand that it`s a commandment from God and everythign goes to him. No one gets paid for their service in the church). Little did they know, my companion and I were sitting in the back listening to every word they said. I wanted to say many things to them, but was constrained by the spirit. I felt as Alma and Amulek watching their wives, children, family, and friends getting burnt in the fire and were constrained to do anything. So as we got off, I just stared at them through the window and we had eye contact for a good 10 seconds as my companion was paying. I sure she got the message as she gazed into my eyes.

The next day just wasn`t working for us either. We were jammed pack with appointments the whole day. As we went to them, they ALL failed and canceled on us, most of them didn`t even tell us anything. So we went contacting knocking doors, nothing. It was as if no one was in their house or just really didn`t want to talk to us. We even went to member`s house, they weren`t there. Sigh. That was a terrible day. A lot of patience and diligence. 
I think it also hurt my companion`s confidence. It seems a bit angrier and bothered. I can tell because he starts walking faster when he thinks alot or he`s bothered.
Many key investigadors also decided they weren`t interested anymore or they just couldn`t get an answer, etc. Not many people came to church etiher.
Later, we went of splits, or divisions with the district leader. I don`t really have confidence in him. I feel like he just tells us what we`re doing wrong all the time and the other companionship he praises all the time. It`s wierd. I don`t know what he`s trying to prove, I barely even know him. But I know he`s new to this and trying, he`ll learn alot. 

It sounds like a lot of negative things, right. It seems like when things go wrong, the easiest thing to do is blame it on other people. My companion, other elders, the bishop, etc. When in reality, it`s us that have a bad or negative spirit. But I feel at peace and love for my fellow being. So is it me?Sometimes God tries us to see if we`ll still be faithful and do what we were called to do. Preach the Gospel! That`s the beautiful thing about Jesus Christ. He was hated, rejected by many, hurt, spit upon, betrayed by His friends, etc. He finished His mission and is now crowned with Glory on the right side of God. 

It`s a question of pushing forward doing the right,
Elder Walker
So I`m finishing my last 30 min of internet that I didn`t get to use.

Here are some fotos that I found of baptisms we had in Sucre. I`ll have more the next week as well.

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