Monday, July 15, 2013

The real message

Dear Family,

I should really write stuff down. That´s what I did last week, but this week I´m forgetting. Let´s see, we did service, we preached, teached, and baptized. That´s to stress the importance of writing in a journal, thoughts, impressions, etc.

We put some of my ideas in action this week and put good 10 dates for baptism. Some of them were a familia, Pablo Mamani, his wife Hilaria, their kids and their nephews. We found them looking through the area book. Some Elders taught them in 2009. They are seriously prepared to enter. They all came to church this week and met the bishop and everything. We are also preparing a marriage for them at the end of this month. They are some of the humblest people that I´ve ever met! More news coming from them in the weeks to come.

Another idea that we did that I didn´t mention (and probably shouldn´t). Saturday was the day of testigos de Jehova (Jehova´s witnesses) and alot of them came to my area. I´m a nice guy and say hi to them. Of course. Then as they contacted people and then left, I contacted and knocked the same doors. I asked them if they know why there are so many churches because many come to their door and how could they know which is true. It works because the people are a little confused by so many religons. I don´t to bash the jehova´s witnesses because I know that they help people believe more in God and sometimes prepare the way for the restored Gospel.

We had a baptism this week. His name is Crisologo. He´s in his late 60´s or early 70´s. Intense right? I actually talked about him to you guys about 4 months ago when I talked about his wife that passed away and we taught him The Plan of Salvation. He was the first investigator that I talked to here in Sucre. We was a little weird before. We explained the restoration and the book of mormon about 5 times to him. He said weird stuff like he didn´t like the Sacrament because it was blessed by sinners. Then he read the story of Lot in the bible when he got drunk then got with his daughter... he questioned his faith in the bible. Yeah, so we dropped him like 3 months ago. THEN about a month ago, we felt like we should visit him again. We started teaching him and he accepted everything and progressed really well!! I think he believes that he´s going to die. He always says in his prayers that his children could make it to his house this year before he dies. And I actually believe him. At least he´ll die happy! 

So in a personal study this week, I studied Jacob 5. It was really interesting as I applied it to my area. There´s one verse in there that the servant is asking the master of vineyard why he planted the seeds in most unfertil place. The Master says that he knew what he ws doing and he took care of it a loong time. So the most unfertil place was very fruitful while the ''good choice spot'' was only half fruitful. That´s like my area here. The spots where you think you couldn´t have a success has the most investigadors there while the other part of our area isn´t that fruitful.

Now go and enjoy your summer break!
-Elder Walker

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