Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Operación Chuño

So let me know if you´re getting this email. The mail service told me that Ryan nor Dad got the last one. I´m not sure if that´s true. 

Dear Family,

I hit my 6 month mark...And to start it off, I was really busy and focused in the work. I´m sure you guys will get bored with the details, but we bought all the necessary stuff like beds and dressors for the missionaries that didn´t have anything. As we were buying the stuff I got a call from the secretaries saying that I had to come to Cochabamba that Tuesday night to do tramites to be legal here. So in two hours, I left to cochabamba on a 10 hour bus that night with only the clothes I had on my back. I got there wednesday morning at 5 without any sleep. I filled out papers during the day for 30 min and did nothing else that day. I was sooo bored there doing nothing. Is that really how I felt before the mission! I mean, I have to be doing something active at all times now. Well, I left that night again on a 10-hour bumpy bus ride and arrived Thursday morning. Luckily I met with the president during my stay there and he gave me permison to sleep until 6:30.... thanks.

The rest of the week, we worked pretty hard. My favorite parts are when we find families to teach. There is something special when the whole family takes time to sit down and listen to us. I sometimes feel a bit more nervous when that happens because I know I have to teach it good and leave an impression. Now I´m in Cochabamba again going to a leadership counsel. 

Even though I´m pretty busy, there´s nowhere else I´d rather be. When I really don´t have any energies, a burst of energy chills my soul and we go back to work. It´s a win-win situation with the Lord. 

Sorry that I don´t have much to say. But I love you guys. Thanks, until next week,
-Elder Walker

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