Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time passes by, direction unknown...

Querido famlindo,

Well, I survived transfers.  I was 100% sure I was staying and that they'd transfer my companion.  I was completely wrong.  The Zone Leaders read off the changes, and the last one, "Elder Walker pack your bags.  You need to be in the offices tomorrow at 10."  And just like that, my service in my first area was over.  I said goodbye to as many people as I could, and next thing I'm in a taxi moving on.  I didn't cry, but it was painful to leave all the people I came to love here, those who were there through all of my painful and joyful first experiences in the mission.  Its true, there's no area like your first, because they're all your mommys and bffs because you're new.  I had the time of my life in the ward El Progreso.  I suffered bitterly, and laughed loudly.  I learned years of knowledge in my short 4 months there.  I made lifelong friends that I wont forget.  But now I'm needed elsewhere by the Lord.

I'm sure you're all dying to hear about my new area.  Well I'm actually out of time, so tune in next week.

Jajaa!  jk My new area is da BEST!!  We live in an awesome members house that has everything we want.  I love my apartment.  You wont believe me, but it even has a DRUMSET!!! HAHAAA you guys thought I was done drumming!  But don't get me wrong, I only play it on p'day or special occasions lol.  But its saweet!
My companions name is Elder Pizarro, and hes lo maximo!  Hes from mexico and loves tacos.  We actually decided to pension our own breakfast and make breakfast burritos EveryDAY!!  Authentic Mexican burritos are so much better than fake American burritos.  Just kidding their the same really, I'm just happy because I haven't had a burrito in so long.
My area is actually one of the same areas I proselyted in in the MTC.  Its much nicer than my last area.  The people are nicer and more civilized.  The streets are cleaner.  Sort of haha.  The food is 10 times better(but still doesn't compare to America).  And the chapel is huge compared to my last one.  There's still a lot of crime in my area, but overall I'm in love with my area.  Our Zone Leaders are probably the best Zone Leaders any zone could have.  One of them is my bff Elder Stephens who was in my very first area transfer.

The only thing that really bugs me is that my companion is super lazy, so our investigators and area are horrible right now.  Not horrible, but not anywhere where I know they could be.  We do have some baptisms coming up, but that's about it.  So with all this new stuff happening, I'm going to have a change in attitude too.  Its time I step it up.  I can speak spanish, I can teach, and I can lead.  So from now on I'm going to reach a new level as a missionary and work 10 times harder for the Lord.

That's all for now.  I love you all.  Happy Birthday Emily.  Tune in next week for more goods!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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