Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Starting from Scratch

Querido familia,

Welp if I had one word to describe this week, it'd be SERVICE.  Lifting buckets, lifting shovels, lifting burdens, lifting souls.  I forgot to bring my camera to send pictures again haha sorry.  But all week we were painting, carrying buckets of sand, or helping out members.  Mostly because we also hope to get to know the members in our area and gain their trust.

I love my new area, but we`ve literally started from scratch.  My companion hasn't done much in the last 4 months he's been here haha and the ward is weak.  Everything in the ward is disorganized and the members aren't involved as they should be.  So I'm taking it on myself to reorganize it all.  Ward council, ward acivity night, investigators, etc.  It's all a mess.  Not that I'm complaining though because it should be easy :).  But if the ward can't support recent converts or incoming investigators, they won't survive.  A strong ward is vital.  Which is another reason I miss Ol Horizon Ward; we were all one tight-knit close family.  You guys rock.

Some other things I've done this week, I ate octopus for the first time, and also the last time.  I also got the plate that had the head of the octopus hahaaa sorry sister, I'm full.  
I was street contacting some lady, and I thought she was actually interested in the church.  Then she literally jumped on me and tried to kiss me- UGH!! She was like 142 years old.  Ciao loquita!  See you at church...

I got your packages mommy and johnny :)  Both were unexplainably awesome!!  With the easter eggs in John's we hid them, but then ended up throwing them at eachother haha.  Latinos go crazy over any kind of candy, so they robbed me of half my candy in 10 seconds haha.  But blessings of sharing outweigh delicious American skittle jellybeans and peanut butter eggs right?  No not really.....
The package was super creative and fun to open.  I didn't find all the "Bees" cause some were rubbed off, and like I said I got robbed in 10 seconds haha.  The gift from Ms.Moss surprised me and I might have screamed like a girl when I saw the bacon wallet.  I miss my favorite English teacher so much!!  I'm surprised you still care about me haha cause I was a terrible student...  But I had some of the best memories of my life in that class. Sister Moss you're the best.

I love you all, thank you for your continued support.  Whether it be a bacon wallet package, or a simple prayer.  I miss you all dearly.  Keep doing whats right and stay strong!

Con Amor,
Elder Ryan Preston Walker

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