Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Mudders Day

Querido familia,

Well, I only  cried about 9 times after talking to you on the phone.  Jk I didn't cry at all, big boys don't cry.  But It was amazing to talk to you again.  Frankly I had forgotten about it all- America, cheeseburgers, white people.  But it all came back to me when I called you haha.  As for our call next week, it is officially scheduled for 2 o'clock Vegas time, 4 o'clock Peruvian time.  So anyone who happens to remember old Elder Ryan Walker, go to the Walker home for a party!!!

In other news, there is none.  Nothing happened this week other than the Mission President authorized us to watch DISNEY MOVIES ON PDAY!!!!! AHHHHH!   Hahaaaa I finally get to watch frozen!!!!  Sucks for the rest of you who never got to watch movies on your mission.  I have a feeling someone will abuse it though so this will probably only last 2 more weeks.

To be frank, I'm frankly out of Time.  Sorry for the lousy letter, but I missed half my internet time this morning because my companion was in the shower.
I love you all!  I hope to see your beautiful faces this Sunday!  Any questions, comments, complaints, jokes, love notes, write me!!  I love hearing from you all.

Have a super semana.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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