Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I get knocked down, but I get up again

Querido familia,

Buenos dias!  Well, to be frank, I'm still a junior cheeseburger.  Almost nobody got changed this transfer.  And yes it was disappointing at first, but I wont complain.  The real reason I wanted to move up was so I could actually work hard.  Being stuck with a lazy companion puts our success at about 20% of what it could be.  I wanted to train so I could get a new fresh missionary that would do whatever I tell him haha.  But the work in my area is still going great.  The ward is finally getting involved with more activity and are actually visiting our investigators personally!  We have several baptisms coming up the next few weeks so be ready for pictures. :)   The members we live with also got a new puppy that is straight from heaven.  Seriously the cutest puppy I've ever seen.  I even slept with it a few nights.....

Cameron wants to know a little more about investigators, and he's right I should be telling you guys more.  One of my favorite investigators right now is an 18 year old girl named Lorenah and her sister Joselin.  Shes golden.  She reads the Book of Mormon everyday and even laminated her book.  She joined the ward choir and attends all of the ward activities.  During our last lesson this week, she stood up to her parents and came out telling them how wrong they are drinking every week and claiming to serve God.  She testified of the truth of the church and how much she desired them to get baptized and change their poor lifestyles.  She said many more things and basically taught the lesson for us hahaha!  I just savored that moment and wanted to cry.  Nothing makes you happier in the mission than seeing your own investigators share their testimony with others.  She's going to be baptized this Saturday and hopefully her family in June.

One lesson I really learned this week is responsibility.  Well two.  And Respect.  I learned that as missionaries we need to take responsibility for everything that goes wrong, and give credit to others for whatever goes right.  We can't ever blame others.  We also need to take everything into our own hands.  I can't expect an investigator to get the hint to pray or read by themselves, I need to tell them and walk them through it.  I can't expect a ward party to hand itself, I need to verify and make sure everything comes through.  Basically I'm the Big Daddy of this area and I'm dealing with a bunch of babies.  Haha.  I don't mean that in a bad way.  I mean that if you want something to get done, you gotta do it yourself, and for these people to do something you have to tell them directly and specifically.  I also learned respect this week in a sense that I need to be more careful.  I came to realize through some bad experiences that somebody is always watching and listening to the things you say and do.  Not that I did or said something bad.  But people are always watching whether you care or not.  And the things you do really do affect them.  You can say something simple and true, and they can understand it completely different.  Thus leading to someone getting offended, rumors starting, or people judging you.  Just like Cameron's blog, some things are better not said even if they are true.  Which is why we always need the Spirit with us.  Because as long as it is inside of us and we are listening to its promptings, we cant go wrong.

Nonetheless, I'm excited for this next transfer!  I'm still learning a lot every week and getting better.  And still having fun too!  So look for pictures the next few weeks, I love you all, and have a splendorous week!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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