Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to . . . me?

Querido familia,

duh dut, duh dum dum dum!
Cumpleaños feliz, me deseo a mi!  Cumpleaños feliiizesssss, cumpleaños feliz!  Yrrrrrrrrayayayayaya!

Well, if you hadn't heard the news, its someone specials birthday this week, ahhhhh!!  Its my companion's birthday!!!  Hahaaaa oh ya and I guess mine is too this week.  That's how all the members here say it hahaha, they say "Elder Pizarro Happy birthday!!!!  Oh... and Elder Walker too!"  Hes been here for 6 months so he steals all my work and glory lol.  But to be honest birthdays don't exist in the mission.  Ill still be working that day.  But if I'm lucky, maybe Ill treat myself to an extra 30 minutes of sleep ;)

My biggest birthday treat was the baptism of Lorena de la Cruz.  We had a final lesson this week with her family right before her baptism, where her mom tried to convince her not to do it.  She testified one last time that she knows what shes doing and that she knows the church is true.  She desires nothing more than to follow Christ and wishes her mom would do the same.  After that her mom didn't have anything bad to say and was actually happy.  This Saturday was her baptism and was our most beautiful baptism yet.  Ill never forget watching her come out of the water and seeing her face.  I like to take before and after pictures of baptisms, and when they come out of the font, its like they're a completely different person.  The baptism was such a joy for me.  As missionaries, the work gets very frustrating.  But everything pieces together and your joy is full the moment you see investigators enter a baptismal font.  Its like a breath of fresh air till the next one.

The example she gave for her family also changed everything in the family.  Her mom is now completing commitments and I believe soon she too will be baptized.  So if you have an extra few seconds, add her family in your prayers.

Well, Id love to bore you all with what Ive learned this week or what my real birthday plans are, but I'm out of time haha.  But I promise to fill you all in next week, so stay tuned!!  Till then, toodloo!  Happy birthday to me!  And a Merry Christmas to you!

Con Amor,

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