Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Real Message

My Dear familia,

To be honest, I'm not sure where to start.  Well lets just get my birthday out of the way- we didn't do anything.  Yap.  That's the mission.  We did have some great lessons though. :D

But speaking of lessons, God answered our prayers this week.  We've been looking hard for new people to teach and we suddenly found several new people this week!  But the best is a woman named Ruth who's 31 years old and searched her whole life for the truth.  Shes the most loving person Ive ever met in my life and were already best friends! :D  Shes been prepared by God her whole life and shes been through so many distinct experiences, wanting to know what God really wants for her.  Its hard to explain through email, but shes AWESOME!!  People like her restore our faith as missionaries lol.  She already has a baptismal date, but of course Satan has her working Sundays, so she has to ask her boss off, though hes the kind of boss that never lets people have Sundays off.  So if you guys have a little extra time and faith, please add her in your prayers that her boss will let her take enough time off Sundays to go to Church. :)  Shes suffered a lot in her life, but she knows this is what she wants, and makes me happy more than anything seeing her happy with the Gospel.

Sorry I don't have much to say this week.  All we did was a lot of service and lessons and more service.  But there's no other way Id rather have it.  Was kind of hard having a birthday out here in Peru without the people who actually know me.  But I love these people and am glad for the experience.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, letters, hugs n kisses, n everything!  It really helps in the little ways.  One more year and Ill be a man ;)  Its weird thinking what I was doing every birthday ago, how people change, and how the world changes.  I guess the people that really matter are those that have been there every year.  Others come and go, not sure why we don't talk anymore.  I love people and being friends, and still worry about people I haven't seen for years.  But I guess we all find our own purpose in life and what makes us happy.  One things for sure, we do all have a purpose in life, and there's always somebody that loves us.  Even if its just our Father in Heavenly who has to carry us when we have nothing. 

I love you all and miss you all like crazy.  Know I'm always here for all of you and love hearing from any of you.  Till then, this nineteeners gotta get back to work.  Keep killin' it and have a great week!!

Elder Walker

PS mom I did get the package but not the letter.  Definitely the coolest package Ive ever seen.  I loved the photos, a little too trunky for me to handle haha.  The shirts, thank you!!!  Made me so happy and feel at home again.  And  tell everyone thanks for the letters, Tyler for the sweet USB full of sweet spiritual stuff, and candy!  Not sure what to do with this hat tho.....

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