Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home

*Last post was June 9th's letter.  This is June 16th's letter.
*I had to make so many corrections.  I think he either has a sad key board or he has totally forgotten his English!  Sorry it has take so long to get these out.  Write him a letter!  I'll even pay the postage-bring it by.
Mama Walker

Querido familia,

First, Feliz dia de Papicitos!!!  Happy daddy's day!  Sounds like you had an amazing Fathers day.  I'd trade anything for a 4 hour nap too.  My gift to you this Father's Day is the baptism of 2 souls.:)  It will be a little delayed as the baptisms will actually take place in July...  but we took out the fecha yesterday. :)  So there ya go.
This Daddy's Day was also a special day, as I hope we all also remembered our Heavenly Father on Father's Day.  He's our Father Spiritually, and I wish him a happy daddy's day. :D

The Apostle Dallin H Oaks also came to the mission and talked this Saturday.  I love meeting Apostles in person, I don't feel more closer to Christ than with his own Apostles!!  His talk was powerful and chastised me spiritually.  I found many answers than I'm looking for.  I also learned why God gave us a sense of humor.  "When we're sad, we shouldn't cry, but laugh!  That's why God gave us a sense of humor.  If he didn't, what would we do when we see a giraffe?"  Hahaaaa that surprised me coming form an apostle.

In other news, Its WORLD CUP here in Perú!!!!  WOOoo! For those who don't know what the world cup is, its like the super bowl but for soccer. I never was interested in soccer 'till I came to the mission, its the best!  Soccer is 10 times better than any other lame sport we play in America.  Not that I watch the matches, cuz I'm working duhh.  But its a great missionary tool to know the scores, players, who won, how they made the goal, etc.  We got in many doors talking about the World Cup, and the people trust us more when we have something in common.  Peru didn't even qualify to enter the world cup though haha, which was sad.  Or Bolivia, sorry Craig.  We have made it to World Cup for over 30 years haha no pasa nada con Peru.  But its also a little more dangerous at night.  The number of drunks in the street has doubled.  But I take it more as an opportunity to preach the Word of Wisdom more.

Other things that happened this week, I got a pedicure for my birthday.  Don't judge me, but it was amazing.  As missionaries, you walk all day.  So a pedicure made my feet look beautiful, feel amazing and soft as a baby!  Just what I wanted. Our shower also broke this week, so we're back to freezing cold water again.  Plus it's winter here, which doesn't help.  A bus we were in also hit a dude and sent him flying.  But then he stood up like nothing happened and kept walking.  That was funny.

Id like to apologize for not writing very good letters the last few weeks.  My internet time has been cut short every week because of things my companion has done.  So I'm always trying to write as many people as I can, but there's never time. :(  BUT you should all know that I haven't forgotten about you and still love you all. :)  Stay faithful to God, and have a good week!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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