Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Can you hear the prayers of the children?

Questions from Mom
What is your companion like?  trunky, he leaves in less than 2 weeks
What is the pension you live in like?  I don´t live in a pension but eat. And where I live, it´s nicer than my others because my area is the center of the city.
What is the daily food like?  It´s actually really good here. Or maybe I´m just getting too used to the food. But I think I´m getting fatter in this area...
What are some interesting customs?  Too many holidays. Cholitas pooping in the street. Do you really want more detail?
How is the language going? Excellent. I´m now actually teaching English in spanish
Who cuts your hair?  How much does it cost?  A barber. 15 bolivianos or in other words $2.10
How much does certain things cost?  Cheap. But it depends. If it´s imported like technology, more expensive than the US
 Who are some ward members you have become close to? The people who I´m around with more like my pensionistas, and other families
Did you receive my pouch mail letters?  yes
while I am thinking about it, does the Elder from South Dakota know Joel? He said he did. But I´m not sure..
Dear family,

I´m all scratched up from today. We hiked ``cerro obispo´´ and I´m tired. Sometimes the p-days make me more tired than the actual proselyting days. 

Thanks for your letters and encouragement. Why can´t everyone just love without judging and then do what´s right. I don´t have very long to write today so i´ll just share a little experience that we had this week. There´s many, but one sticks out in my mind.

We went to go visit an old investigador that I had never met before. His name is Carlos and I forgot his wife´s name (that´s bad) and their son´s name is carlitos (casi lo mismo). His wife´s sister´s family are members and have been for a long time so they know about the church and have been before and have also recieved many of the lessons. Now as I recall, we really didn´t teach him much at all. He asked about my companion´s family and if their members or not. My companion told him a story that I´ve never heard before, it was very touching and the spirit carried it to our hearts. Then he asked me about mine. He asked the question that a lot of people ask. Are your parents members? yes. Then are you just following in their paths? I guess it´s suppoessed the ``trap´´ question that everyone asks. (come on, be more creative, I´ve heard it all). I just bore him my sweet simple testimony and a little bit about the book of mormon. That got him excited, so he picked up his book and said, ``well let´s read it then´´. We just read Moroni 10:3-7 with him. Something very simple. He´s very intelligent and likes to get off topic with his knowledge that he shares, so we had him focus on meditating on what he reads. And then we ended the lesson. Sounds like just a normal lesson. We then we asked him to pray. Words cannot descibe his prayer that he shared with our heavenly father. The spirit was soo strong that you could cut it with a knife. He balled after his prayer for a good 5 min. Then we talked so more with him. He basically shared with us his testimony of the book of mormon and I´m sure he´ll get baptized soon.

Well that´s my story and I´ll talk to you guys next week. Have fun

-Elder Walker

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