Monday, March 4, 2013

Ideas control the world

Dear Family,

I´m in Cochabamba for the leadership counsel again, which is why you´re recieving this letter late in the day. It looks like the 1st monday of every month you´ll get my letter a little bit late. It also appears that we´re running out of things to write each other, based off of your letters. Every week now, I´m just writing little experiences here and there because I´m really just not thinking in home much. I guess I´m so focused that when monday comes back around, I really have nothing to say. I´m sorry. That I´m boring. I could tell you about my haircut; that I´m still handsome and getting more each day, but you guys already knew that.

We´re having a lot of sucess in the area. I just think my companion is getting a little trunky, seeing that he leaves in 2 weeks. But we´re finding some great people that are progressing and it´s likely that they´ll get baptized and join the fold of God. It´s a little hard because I have a lot less time to work in my area because there´s always problems to be fixed or we have to go to other people´s area, etc. and that just leaves no time for my own area. But I have learned that as you worry about the needs of others, your needs will be met. I´ve seen that several times here.

So there´s this elder here that lives with us. His name is elder white bull. He´s from a reseveration in south dakota and he´s new in the mission. I just want to say that after 3 months in the mission (2 in the MTC and 1 in the field), he still doesn´t know or understand a lick of spanish. I feel bad. We went on splits and I basically talked the whooole time. Sometimes in the mission, it is the Missionaries that learn more than those being taught. Also, I realize that we are only young folks and so I worry about the missionaries here, that they get converted, just as much as the investigators.

Well, I got some cool ideas (when my companion leaves). But that´s for later. I´ll let you know when I put them in action.

-Elder Walker

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