Monday, February 25, 2013

keeping it real

Dear Family,
I´m sorry that I haven´t been writing very many letters by hand. It`s just that, well, I´ll see you guys when I get back and these emails usually have the main things what I would write in a letter by mail.
I just want to say that I love you guys and hope you and doing great things in your work, schooling, etc. Remember that it is always the right time to do what is right. Here in Bolivia, great things are happening and I don´t have enough space to tell it all. That is what journals are for.
I would like to share a cool experience about a couple we found this week. There names are Guillermo and Celestina and are an old couple and have about 60 years old . We first found them living in an apartment that also has a member that we visit. We didn´t really have set appointments and we saw Celestina knitting outside and decided to talk with her. I don´t really remember what we talked about. Probably something like faith and repentance and gave her a pamphlet of the Restoration. Well, we came back another day in the week to find out that she had read the parts that we left for her to read! That´s a good start. Guillermo, her husband just got operated on early that day and was sick and moaning on the couch. So we taught her about the restoration and told the story Joseph Smith and all. She was very excited and thrilled to learn how to pray. She really is a great person with great faith. Well, this story already seems long and boring, but it gets better. She told us that her husband refused to listen to any missionaries before and hates to go to church. It would be impossible to teach him. We came back another day this week only to find Guillermo in the house. We taught the same lesson like it was nothing and he was very excited to learn more. We later found out that mr. Guillermo was listening to us when he was ``asleep´´ and sick on the couch. He loved the story about Joseph Smith and said that he could be very true. He also has been praying and said that our types of prayers and different and more powerful than the Catholic`s prayers (the ones where they repeat the same thing every time). He said that´s he`s going to come to church this next week and everything!
I´m sorry about that long story, but it was something cool that had happened and it just goes to show that listening the restoration can really change people´s behaviors.
The state of your life is nothing more that a reflection of your state of mind
Craig with Elder Van Horn

Cochabamba Temple with missionaries in Cochabamba
-Elder Walker

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