Monday, February 18, 2013

El que sabe, sabe

Querido Familia,
Espero que estén bien y feliz y que estén recibiendo muchos bendiciones por estar en el servicio del Señor. Yo estoy bien, gracias por preguntarme.  Quizas Ryan va a ir a Sur America para aprender mas español y quien sabe, incluso podría ir a Cochabamba....
I don´t really have much to report this week, but it has been a good week, as usual. The mission is just going to fast. This week i´ll complete 1 year in Bolivia and 14 months in the mission. They should make it two years after the MTC, not including it so that we could spend more time here. I´m really just having too much fun, learning a ton of things that I couldn´t learn anywhere else, and I´m just happy. I feel like there are no real problems and it´s like I´m surrounded by an eternal bubble from the outside world. Which is weird because we dedicate our whole time to the world, or in other words, helping them lift themselves higher than the low standards of the world. I´m made many friends, eternal friends, who have lifted my own life. I have felt the love of God and of you guys all the from Bolivia. Love transcends time and space. I´m have seen the Lord´s hand in my life and the life of others. He exists and loves us. He wants us to change and be like him. I´ve applied many of these things that I couldn´t have done other wise. Faith I have cultivated. Miracles I have seen. Who wouldn´t want to stay here all their life?
We are teaching this one teenager named Jose Luis Quispe. He´s had many problems in his life, kinda like many in high school. He´s had problems with drugs and has tried all types, he broke up with his girlfriend a while ago in which they broke the law of chastity, he´s been in gangs and has terrible friends (he even has a recent knife cut in his hand, so you can´t really shake his hand), etc. Need I say more? His mom is an alcoholic and doesn`t really care about him, his brothers are also into that stuff and influence him and his friends, the only bright side is his dad which works with the police. Well let´s just say that in a week, I has seen him change many things about his life more than anyone else before. The resemblance of his face is different and changing. I know that this is the work of Jesus Christ and his gospel. It changes people´s behavior more than the study of behavior can. I am also teaching him how to play the piano. He´s very smart and learns fast. He came to church (with a white shirt and tie!) and is making newer and better friends than he has had. We are very proud of the effort he´s putting in to changing his life and I know that he´ll be a great influence for the rest of his family and friends. 
-Elder Walker

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