Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Can I say more?
Well family,
It´s Carnaval and it´s crazy. I should send a picture, or maybe I shouldn´t. (Mom look on the map for Sucre, Bolvia. It´s the judicial capital of Bolivia. Right below cochabamba and to the Right of Potosi. I don´t remember my exact address, but it´s right off the street España) Our area is the center center of Sucre and the streets and soaked with water and alcohol. On some days, I´m surprised that I come back dry. It must be the shirt and tie. People are throwing water ballons, everyone has squirt guns, and everyone is drunk. You know what, it would be really fun - a nation-wide water fight for a week (or here, a month) - if it was without of the dirtyness and the beer. There´s also mini bands on practically every corner with people dancing like little demons in front of the band. It´s abnoxious. They need to learn a new song... one that has more than 3 notes and a different beat, please.
I don´t think I´ve had a day free from doing stuff for other missionaries. I mean, I love being a help to other missionaries, but my own area is lacking. Nobody came to Church. Sad. And last week, I asked for ideas on how to work with members and no one responded. What are the missionaries in your ward doing to work with you guys. I would love any help.
That´s basically my week. I ran out of time to write more. A thought for the week. Attitudes and more important than facts.
Mom asks, How do you deal with the altitude in Potosí?
You just do. You get used to it after a week of walking up and down the hills. A lot of people don´t have that many problems. It was just me my first day, digo week. Take an altitude pill before the plane ride.
Is there anything you wished you didn´t bring?
Yeah. I should probably tell you this before you tell the ``Moms´´ to bring it.
1. First off is so many medical stuff and vitamins that you packed. I´ve given a lot away because it takes up a ton of space and pounds when I travel. The Hna Dyer or the Zone leaders have all the stuff you would need. I only really got sick in Potosi because it was my first area. I haven´t been sick for months now (knock on wood). Just the very basics or what you want to bring (like the vitamin C stuff). It´s not like we´re living in a hut. If the Bolivians could live in these conditions, so can we because we are the same specie.
2. Mosquito net. I haven´t used it. It´s bulky and takes up space. There aren´t that many mosquitos. Only one zone rout of 14 eally has mosquito problems. But the zone will be going away to the Santa Cruz, Bolivia mission. That´s the mission that you really need a mosquito net, not the Cochabamba mission.
3. Snow gloves. It doesn´t snow. Not even in Potosi, but it does hail in Potosi. But that´s about it. A good Rain umbrella is worth it. Thanks dad.
4. The money belt it just a belt. It´s already gotten old and is on the point of ripping in half. The people don´t really rob here from missionaries. That´s Peru. It´s calm here with the violence.
That´s about it. If I think of other things, I´ll let you know. I might be needing new white short sleeves shirts. Some of them have changed to a yellowish white (probably from working so hard haha).
-Elder Walker

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