Monday, February 4, 2013

Reverse Reverse

Dear Family,

Before I forget, Happy Birthday Marissa! What is it like 40 years, and you´re still not married. ¡Que lastima! Haha. It´s because you make all the boys chase you, and then you have to pick from all of them. When you can´t pick, you try to run away. You gotta be the chaser at the same time as him. It´s like the mission. If they don´t have the desires to learn about the restored gospel, it won´t do any good with all the chasing we do as missionaries. We gotta both want it at the same time, the missionaries and the investigator. (In this case, you would be the investigator that loves listening and learning about the gospel but doesn´t make the decision to get baptized for years, and nobody knows why) Something new to think about.

So dad asks,
What is your new companion like?  Is your apartment any better than what you have had?  Strong ward?

Can I just say that everything that I used to be in is reverse now. It´s the opposite. I´ll start with my companion Elder Zacarías. He´s great. Thanks Jennifer for sending that story. I also feel the same way. Yeah, he´s serious at times, but he knows when to have fun and when not to. He just does his responsibilites. He´s the first companion that I´ve had that is obedient with exactness and works really hard. He really cares about his mission and his people he teaches. Even though this is his last transfer, he is not trunky one bit. Side note, this transfer is not going to be for 6 weeks, but 8 to support the new people coming in and to be on time with the new MTC schedule. That means that I´ll be coming home 2 weeks or more later than my original date (Mid-Jan?). I might even extend my mission, who knows. Yeah so we´re going to preach it up these next 2 months because we get along great. He´s actually a funny guy.

My apartment. It´s better, except for the fact that we live with another 2 missionaries, including a new missionary (indian-american) that doesnt understand a lick of spanish. It´s better to live alone with your companion because alot of macanas go on or in other words, a lot of jokes, games, and other stuff that distracts us. But my apartment doesn´t really affect me that much. I´m happy with anything (which is better than nothing). 

My ward is the complete opposite also. It´s the best and biggest ward in Sucre. I gotta start learning on how to work with members. Ideas? I feel it´s the same as Henderson. If we do this right, we could have a ton of baptisms with the help of the ward. The zone leader´s area is always in the center of this city. There´s actually alot of white people here. Interesting. Also, Sucre is a city built on hills, and on rock and roll. Whoa!!  

I´ve been super busy this past week. No time for my area. We´ve gone to the airport to drop of and pick up elders every day. And right now, I´m in Cochabamba for a Counsel of Leaders. Fun....

Well, ny companion is looking at his watch, time to go!

-Elder Walker

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