Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bye Bye Bella Vista

Dear Familia,

This week was AMAZING! I want every week to be as good as this week. It just shows the fruits of real diligence. 

So it starting off interesting with the types of people we spoke with. First, we contacted with this lady and she wanted us to return and talk with her husband about his drinking problem. So we returned. Her husband speaks slow, like 5 seconds after we ask him a question and his eys (apprently he can see perfectly) roll back and forth in different directions. Interesting. Then one by one, the rest of their family apeared and before you know it, we´re talking with 8 people at the same time. There kids´ also have problems, one of them´s divorced with a child, another is gay and has ``different ways of worship´´, etc. Interesting family.
Another person we talked with stopped us on the side of the road infront of his house. He was drunk and has a problem with drinking (obvious), smoking, an STD, prostitutes, his family disowned him, his fiance left him, etc. But the only question he wanted to know was why is he still living. He said he was supposed to die 5 years ago but continues living. He thinks he can´t die and HE is the cure. Then apparently Carnival started because teenagers in their car drove by squirting water at us. It hit me and him right in the face. It hurt. While me and my companion calmy brushed the water off, he shouted at the them, throwing gang signs, cussing, etc. I smirked. 

We also had a conference this week. That was pretty spiritual. 

The Bella Vista branch had another activity this week. The primary had a cool activity where there were a ton of people. Also, the priesthood had an activity Saturday called ``un día en la misión.´´ We went out two by two knocking doors and visiting less actives. It was a sucess. The members have a lot more desires to share the gospel and one of them wants to go on splits with us to all the people we found that day. The fruits were definitely seen during Sunday. It was full again. 

Oh so I also have a transfer. I´m leaving to Sucre as a Zone Leader! (The president really likes our group that came into Cochabamba. It seems like all of the Elders from my group are going to be a leader, Elder Knight, Swasey. etc). Sucre is 3 hours outside of Potosi and is the one of the capitals of Bolivia (I think La Paz is the other capital). I´ve already been there twice because the conference that I had during my time in Potosi were in Sucre. So at least I know something of my area. I´ll try getting a good picture of it when I get there. My companion will be Elder Zacarias (or something like that). I heard he´s very serious, doesn´t smile, and hasn´t got along with a single companion. Sounds rough, but i´m not going to let what other people say about him form who he is. I have to remember that as you judge others, you aren´t defining them, but yourself. But it sounds like I´ll have a great time. 

-Elder Walker

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