Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan. 7 Whether I speak by my mouth or by the internet, it is the same.

Dear familia,

Thank you for your letters. Marissa, don´t get too crazy on your first month back.

This week, we didn´t do much of the normal missionary things like preach and knock doors, instead I feel like I was just helping the rest of the missionaries in the district, including my companion.

Tuesday, we had district meeting as usual. But it wasn´t the usual. President Dyer came to my meeting (uh-oh). I has probably sweating and my district told me that I was nervous. But the president Dyer said that it was a great class. Afterwards, we had an activity with the whole brach. There was actually alot of people that showed up! We went to a beautiful park area that had 3 swimming pools with slides (it was soo tempting because it was hot out), 3 soccer fields, 2 basketball courts, 2 volleyball court, and a nice barbaque area. We made a lot of friends, gained the trust of members, and some other people that came, and had a good time. I don´t know if missionaries are supposed to have that much fun, but we did have permission from President Dyer.

Wednesday, So my companion broke his finger during soccer and volleyball and it was all purple and nasty. So we have to take a bus 1 1/2 hour to go to the city and go to the hospital. It was basically a day in the city. He also had to pick up his glasses that he left to get fixed the last monday. But it was nice to be in the city. I felt more at home. There was even a burger king that had american cheese!

Thursday, we proselyted until about 3. Then left for the hermanas´ area. You have to remember that when we go to district meetings or the other areas in the district, it takes about an hour to get there. In there area, we gave a health blessing to their investigator and helped teach the lesson. Once again, we had to travel and hour back to our area. By that time, it was time to eat dinner.

Friday was pretty normal until 4. From there we went to the other hermana´s area to do baptism interviews. But it wasn´t that normal. The normal is about 1-2 people that take 30min. I had to interview 6 people to get baptized the next day! Wow, it was exhausting. That also took the rest of our day.
Saturday and Sunday were really the only days that we got to work in our areas...

Something I learned this week has to do with the fact that no effort is wasted in missionary work. I was talking with my old companion from Potosi and he was talking with the Elders that are there now in my old area. We had some great news from the past couple months. First of all, inactives. The familia Rua went to the temple in December and in May are returning to get sealed. They say that they returned thanks to my companion and I. WOW. Another inactive, Jesus Mullo, just turned in his mission papers. Also, 5 people that my companion and I found and taught got baptized. I really defined the words in PMG, ``leave you area stronger than you found it.´´ If the whole mission did that, the people coming into the church would increase dramastically. In both of my areas, I feel like I´ve started from 0 or sometimes worse from the Elders before me. But I know that God runs this church and this work, it is his work. If he wants something done, he will do it by using us. We just have to be obedient, able, and willing to follow his will.

-Elder Walker

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