Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan. 21 The invasion/ The Christ Statue

Dear Family,

Thanks for your letters. There´s not a day that goes by without something happening in or to the Walker Family. So my dad´s a TV star, nothing new. He should have his own TV drama or soap-opera haha.

You´re going to have to excuse my speling, grammer, English, etc. Mom was saying that she´s going over my emails in red pen...
Well, it´s been raining here all week long. The fog is pretty thick, you can´t see past a quarter of a mile. I actually think it´s beautiful. But I´m soaked and a bit cold. It´s alright.

So this week, we found 50 new people. Marissa and Cameron know what I´m talking about when I say new people. We usually get like 5 and the mission goal each week is 10. Right now, you might be asking yourself How. How did we do it? Well, let´s just say I cheated, or in other words I had a bright idea. We had an invasion!... of missionaries. I called up my zone, (5 companionships came) to Bella Vista to work, knock doors, etc. In fact, we only had about 3 hours in the actual invasion; but during that time, we found 38 people. That meant that we needed to re-contact everyone single one of them. We´ve been working all day everyday to that done. There´s a lot of work to be done here and a lot of baptisms coming. Yesterday, 80 came to church! That´s double than the usual. It was packed. The activites must be working or we must working or both. 

We also had our 3 month routine interviews this week. All we did was basically talk about the transfers. He didn´t even discuss obedience with me... So I´m basically (or supposedly) leaving next week and the place I´m leaving to slipped out of his mouth by accident, but I caught it. I´m not going to say anything about that for now just in case I curse it, but let´s just say that I´m really excited and happy. Happy for the next cool area and happy that Bella Vista (the area I´m leaving) is getting way better. There still is a ton of work to be done, but I´m leaving many baptisms in my companion´s hands. This week, I think I´m going to visit all the members and use your guys´advice. 

One huge thing that I learned this week and in this area is Diligence. I know, that may be hard for you guys to believe because in your minds, all you picture is lazy (but intelligent) Craig. But I´ve learned that when we work hard, we get the spirit. When we get the spirit, we touch peoples hearts. When that happens, they let us in the door, to another appointment, and then to baptism, etc. I don´t think I´ve ever started a day and got in the first door I´ve knocked. It´s always been close to the last one or when I´m tired and I say, just one more. When we use our faith and go beyond our limits, that´s when the miracles happen. 
In fact, the mission is one of the best place to learn and apply Christ-like attributes. Before my mission, I studied all the doctrine and that wasn´t a problem in the mission. The thing I wished I had studied and learned before the mission would be teaching to people´s needs, going by the spirit, and developing these attributes. Ryan, that is Chapters 6 and 10 in PMG.

Have fun,
-Elder Walker

Let´s see who can spot the temple in one of my pictures (hint, look to the right)


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