Monday, January 21, 2013

Hi-December 17-Whoa

Mom and I guess the rest of the family also,

We need a back up plan in case we are not skyping or it doesn’t work.  Do you have a telephone number?  
No, but I know your number.
Do you need more probiotics?
Do you use the mosquito net yet? 
No, i live in a house (mas o menos house)
What is the weather like now?

Can you send more of those tide to gos? I accidently spilled all the stuff inside... another story. hmm whatelse. Ties, socks (white ankle legnth), belts, fotos, AMERICAN food, are always nice. Please, don´t send me stuff that I can get here like tuna (I just got that in the package this past week). I just feel like its a waste of space, but thank you. It was delicious. I also don´t need more shirts

When you wrote about people writing letters to him, i was touched because that is the spirit of Christmas. Also mom or dad, could you please write Gabriel a bit of encouraging words. He´s feeling really down. The issue is now settled, he met with the bishop, stake president, and an area of the 70 and they all told him that he can´t go on a mission. He´s too old (26-7?). They said they don´t make exeptions. I´ll write him a little bit, but I really don´t have much time with the computer.. please help him out.

So I know you guys really won´t have time to read this at all. I´m kinda jealous that you two are in España and the rest are in Seattle. I don´t have much to report here. Just that everything´s going well. I might be in a different area (or might not) by tomorrow. They didn´t tell us the transfers last night but tonight they will. That always gets everyone´s nerves going. Because we would have to be packed by tomorrow in the afternoon, but how do we know that we´re leaving. Terrible. 

Well this week, we had a little christmas party with the Dyer´s and many Elders. I feel like Dad´s curse of directing choir is upon me. I made a pretty darn good choir if I do say so myself. 10 Elders and 2 hermanas who are in my zone with many of them who have never sung before into a decent perfomance for the little time we had to practice. Of course, I didn´t sing, but was on the piano (i made me have my own solo ;) .) 

Whatelse can I share hmm.. There are these cool bugs that started appearing in Cochabamba. They are called Waka-Waka (yes shakira was singing about them in her song.) In Quecha, waka means vaka which means cow in English. They are these giant beatle-looking creatures with shiny bronze wings. Weird and cool and the same time. hmmm, there are a lot of sister missionaries starting to come. 4 come this week and each transfer it´s supposed to Double each time until July. Not sure what that´s suppossed to mean. But the work is progressing.

Well have a good vacation and a merry christmas. We´ll talk the next monday and then tuesday to skype at 10 or 11 your time.

¡Lo mas rico desayuno que yo tenía en la misión! 

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