Wednesday, May 29, 2013

happy some type of holiday

Dear family,
Did I tell you that I lost my camera a month  ago, bummer. My companion`s taking lots of pictures so I can send some to you guys.
Tell me when Ryan gets his call and to where.
In almost all of Mom´s email, she talked about food. She wrote about everyday of the week last week and with each day, she wrote what you guys ate.... I haven´t eaten breakfast nor lunch yet, I´m hungry.
Well, since nobody really reads my emails anymore, I´m writing this for my future reference. This week, we had a baptism. Miguel Cardona. He´s the guys that I felt like a marriage counselor. It turned out that he wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ and His church for his own life and not because he wanted to get back with his girlfriend that dumped him about 3-4 weeks ago. When we went to Cochabamba that week, he did also. We taught him in our hotel and later went to the grounds of the temple. I think there, he really recieved a testimony. He came back this last wednesday and told us if we were still doing his baptism Saturday. Obviously yes. He´s going to be a bishop someday. He has the hair, the personality, he already keeps many of the commandments even before he knew us. Good guy. He´s also going out with that girl again. Knowing her, they already have or will have this week a goal to go to the temple to get married. Blessings come after faith.
Another baptism. Daniel Cartajena. We taught him all the lessons and everything, but then found out he lives in another area. So we gave the reference to other elders and was got bpatized saturday, the goal that I put for him. He´s a little bigger (fatter) and taller than me, so I almost couldn´t get him back out of the water at his baptism. He made a big splash when I threw him down. Haha. It was funny. His girlfriend is also a member and showed him us a while ago. All the other girls are now showing us their non-member boyfriends. We´ll probably be baptizing a more of them and will be known as the Elders who baptized the boyfriends and girlfriends. But he´s a great guy and I know that these people were prepared for me to teach them and that there are other people waiting for me. I got 6 months left and I feel like there´s a ton more out there.
Have a great week together. Don´t eat too much delicias food. But if you do, please don´t tell me about it, haha. Remember to find out and do the Father´s will always, and not your own. If you feel like you should do something, do it. Do not hesitate or wait. That feeling of fear only means that something good will come out of it. And remember to have fun.
-Elder Walker

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