Monday, May 20, 2013

I hear the echos from the ancient battle grounds

Dear family,
First off, happy birthday to my aunt Jennifer and Uncle Stuart this week... What is that like 30 years?
It was nice talking to you guys and meeting Joaquin (good guy). Nice to know that none of you have really changed. So I can finally write you guys after 2 weeks. A lot of stuff has happened, but like my companion told you guys, I really don´t have enough space and time to write everything. So many stories, so little time. I forgot to tell you that now they say I´m leaving december 18. Just to let you know.
No I haven´t recieved any letters yet. Yes, my companion is fantastic. And yes, I am handsome...and humble.
The Leadership counsel that we had was very inspiring. Instead of teaching the same (*cough* boring) clases and talks, they focused on helping out the wards and bishops to which we are assigned and on us as missioneries. We talked about the war going on between good and evil and has been going on before the foundation of the this earth. The world is getting darker and harder of heart. If missionaries enter without a testimony, not worthy, or without desires, the world will no longer accept them. Soon they will go straight into the field and they won´t be an MTC. So they and we need to be better prepared and more pure so that we can teach with power, authority, confidence, and faith, holding our ground and bearing pure testimony to the lost world.
In Sucre, we had a mini MTC experience with more than 100 pre-missionaries on saturday and a testimony meeting with all of them sunday. Saturday, my companion and I taught them how to contact people and we did practices. Just like dad said he´s getting better at public speaking and with the mic, I´m feel like I´m getting a lot better as well. It turned out fantastic and we didn´t even plan anything, but it fired everyone up to leave and go knock doors, talk with everyone on the street, etc. So right after, each missionary had 1-5 people follow them around. The 2 that I had were excellent and we taught about 6 lessons in 2 hours. They thought they didn´t know what do say or how to get in doors and kept asking me. But when they finally did, the spirit helped them out a ton and we had a lot of success.
One of the best experiences that I had was on Sunday after the testimony meeting MTC. All the Elders in my zone were seated in the back row in a line. One by one, I went down the line and said hello to each of them with a big long hug, telling them how much I appreciate them. For someone who isn´t filled with the pure love of God, it sounds kind of dumb and embarassing. But I learned and experienced that our purpose as humans are to love and be loved. We need both of those to find true happiness. Or like Ammon says, ``my joy is complete´´. It´s because he loved the people he taught and was loved by them.
-Elder Walker
Quote for Cameron and for the week. ``We make way for the guy pushing his was though.´´ I forgot who said that.

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