Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Thanks for your letters and your help/advice. I´ve really just had to get over it and move on.
This week we found out the transfers and we are moving people around. My companion nor I have a change. That´s cool, cause I wanted more time in my area. There´s a lot potencial in my area that needs to be found and progressed. Yesterday, Eduardo recieved the priesthood and is going to bless the sacrament the next week. He´s also helping us a ton in our area. One of his friends went to his baptism and we have been teaching her and she has a baptism date. Her name is Sulma. Also, he brought about 5 other friends to church yesterday! He´s awesome and getting prepared to go on a mission in a year. The members have also been helping out lately. We went with members about 8 times this week to lessons so I feel like they´re having more trust in us.
I also felt like a marriage counselor this week. We taught many couples, some married, some not. I of them, named Miguel, broke up with his girlfriend, who is a member just last week. We taught him about 3 weeks ago the restoration, but he wasn´t that interested. So his girlfriend broke up with him cause she was tired of waiting for him to become a member (it´s been about a year). Kind of harsh right? Wrong, he humbled himself and searched us out. He has been progressing quite well and is doing it for himself, not only to get back with her. He seriously has humbled himself, yea, even to the dust of the earth. He reminds me of Alma 32. Before Alma talked about faith and before the people started to believe him, they were cast out of their synagoges and were seriously humbled. Miguel was cast out of his love and has started to believe and his seed is growing. Notwithstanding, blessed are those that believe without being obligated, yea, even unto baptism.
So that´s pretty much what has been happening in my area.
I realized that I dón´t have that much time left in the mission. I leave the 4 of december... my whole group leaves that day because the president wants to send us for our studies and before Christmas. That leaves me about 4 transfers after this one. I seems so short and that I just began my mission. I have learned a ton and I still have a ton to learn.
-Elder Walker. :)
-This letter was really short. keep it real. No damos el pescado, enseñamos a pescar. Siempre estamos enseñando!

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