Monday, April 29, 2013


Dear family,

Hope you guys had a great week and are prepared to have another one.
Marissa writes,`` Well i hope you are doing well and feeling successful.  You should be just knowing your age on the mission.  I remember at that point of my mission it was like being on a spiritual high 24/7.  You know the language, you're aware of how the mission is ran and works, and by now you understand how to be a preach my gospel missionary.  The spirit can just run through you.´´
At least somebody listened to the spirit this week. Even though I am far away, you guys will know and feel when I need help. Marissa´s right, I do know the language, how the mission is, how the spirit works though me and how to find and teach people. But what I´m not feeling right now is very successful. Maybe in a few weeks. It´s just that this week was very hard for me.
The first thing is my area. Good news, we had a baptism this week (the first in this new year). Eduardo got baptized, maybe if you guys look back in my emails a couple weeks ago, I mentioned him. He´s from Cusco, Peru ... so mom, there´s your ticket to Machu Pichu. Cusco is the city closest to there. The president also came to the baptism because it was the stake conference of Sucre yesterday and he gave a talk along with a 70. It was great. Well, it seems like whenever I come to an area, there´s nothing. When I leave thats when the baptisms come. Remember Bella Vista, my last area? They´ve had 8 baptisms since I left. I know and taught 7 of them. Cool right! Bad news, we could´ve had 5 baptisms this week. Some of them even had their interviews but just didn´t go to the baptism. I feel like I´m sooo close to having a ton of baptisms here,  but all of them fall. We will have 3 si o si the next month but I also want to know why these 4 didn´t want to get baptized or what happened. I´m just a little confused. Maybe the Lord wants me to learn something like patience.
Another thing is la Zona Sucre. Having 22 missionaries here is tough and 4 more are going to come next week. I feel sooo inadequate, you guys have no idea. I make soooo many mistakes and I feel sooo bad that I´m the reason why the zone gets divided, etc. I just don´t know how to lead a group or really how to talk to people correctly if you know what I mean. I´m more of a teacher, not a motivational or inspirational speaker, thanks. And I lack a lot of love for people.

-Elder Walker

I got some cool quotes for Cameron´s cool collection of quotes.
``Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble´´ -George Washington
``A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd´´ -Max Lucado
``Disobedience is obedience to the things for which the Lord did not ask´´ -E. Walker

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