Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday . . .


My ankle´s fine now, thanks. Sure it still hurts a little, but I just shouldn´t play that much soccer or run... or trip again. 

Mom, Dad question. What was the name of your mission? Concepcion, Santiago, Viña del Mar, etc?

Say maybe you guys are wondering right now why I´m writing on Tuesday instead of Monday. So basically there was a huge Earthquake in Sucre yesterday. I don´t know if you guys heard the news or not. But it wrecked many buildings and all the power went off. As missionaries, we spent the whole day helping, rescuing, saving, pulling out bodies from under the buildings. We then preached the gospel to them. There are about 5 thousand people that are going to get baptized the next week. 

At least that´s what I dreamed about two nights ago. In reality, President Dyer and his wife, the asistents, and the Potosi Zone came to Sucre. We went to a cool green park with two swimming pools (how tempting), a soccer field, beach volleyball, we played many board games, chess, and we did a huge parrillada (Barbaque). The president also was doing interviews in a hut there. It was awesome and I forgot to bring my camera. But I´m sure I can get the pictures from other people. It basically took the whole day. We came back exhausted while my companion and I went to the president´s hotel to get interviewed. Came home and slept at 10. And now, in 30 min, we have a leadship training meeting. I have to give a class of 40 min, fun. This is going to be an all day thing. Like I said before, most of my time is spent helping other missionaries and doing administrative stuff rather than working in my actual area (which i would enjoy alot more). 

General Conference was great as usual. Elder Holland is still one of my favorite speakers. He doesn´t bore me. But I feel like his talks are always to short. There was a lot of talks about missionary work (Yea!), chastity, and obedience. A little bit of SLICE here and SASS there. K`AAA. Wasca. That´s good stuff.

So this week, I basically ran out of gas. I got a huge fever (due to too much stress says Doctor Walker) and burned out. Good thing that was only one day because now the fuel is back in. But I would just like to reemphasize what Cameron said and what President Dyer also told me in my interview. You gotta make time to relax. Being busy is not good. I don´t image Christ being busy, running back and forth between meetings. I should let the missionaries resolve their own problems and I plan my own time, not them. I don´t have to be like a dog that drops everything and comes at the whistle of the master. He told me that they look at me as a good leader that has helped them, but that is not respect. Respect is helping them, help themselves. Have time for myself and my own area doing my studies and other things necesary. Also, to be more happy, I need to find 15 to 20 new people every week and help rescue someone. Then I would find a new source of happiness like day and night that would shoot like a rocketship through the roof. 
I taking on that challenge. Do the same.

Have a good week,
Elder Walker

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  1. sharing and spreading the gospel of God around the Globe is not an easy task that is why I adore you Guys!

    God Bless all missionaries.

    (TFI) the family international