Monday, April 1, 2013


Dear Family,
Thanks for writing me. Mom says, ``There are rumors flying about the mission changes in Bolivia with the forming of the Santa Cruz North.  Will it affect you?´´ My answer is yes. They are taking out two cities from our mission, Tarija and Bermejo. But I haven´t been in those cities yet. They are also taking out many missionaries, assistents, secretaries, zone leaders, etc. We don´t really know much detail about that yet.
We found out the transfers yesterday. ``You have heard it been said... but now I say unto you...´´ That is my theme for the mission now. There are 60 new missionaries coming. 41 are staying in our mission. That´s a huge jump because the last group that left were 10 and the next group that leaves are even less, like 5. Many people are training and opening up areas. That means that i´ll be very busy. I´m already a little stressed because my companion left and so I´ve been ``alone´´ since Friday and will be until Wednesday. I´ve been doing EVERYTHING by myself and everybody calls me for everything. I´ll just list a few things that i´ll be doing for the next few days: Getting airplane tickets and sending the missionaries that are leaving off, picking up the incoming missionaries, sending some off in a travel bus to other cities, finding new houses for missionaries, buying all the things they´ll need for their house (beds, closets, drawers, desks, blankets, ironing stuff, etc), paying the water, the lights, and the telephones for each house, and apart from that, just running a zone full of complaints, problems, etc. That hurt my head just writing that stuff.
So I after I wrote you guys the last week, we went out to play futsol. I kinded twisted my ankle there. I couldn´t walk the next day it hurt so bad. As of now, after much medication, bandage, muscle relaxers, and this cremy stuff, I´m now walking. But if you look at that picture with my foot purple, its now even more purple. But i´ll be fine. It just kinda put a little hindrance on the work.
Besides those dificulties, the zone is improving alot. My personal sucess rate that I have put for the Zone Sucre has increased alot, and will continue to. Oh, I forgot to mention that my new companion´s name is Elder Medina, from Buenas Aires, Argentina. He´s actually from my MTC group and I get along with him really well. He´s funny. We´ll see how we work together.
That´s about it for now. Have a great week!
-Elder Walker
Ps. I finally put a picture of me washing my clothes. That is me every monday morning (I should be studying...) Also the others elders live in the same house as me and one is my companion

Did I mention that while I in bed for the day, I learned the rubik´s cube. You just get really bored sitting there all day feeling useless. So even though I shouldn´t have worked wednesday, I did anyways ;)  Here are some pictures of my foot:


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