Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Feliz Cumpleaños Emily

April 17, Emily was born. The end.

So this Saturday, Elder Pino and Craig Christensen are coming to the mission Cochabamba, and Elder Bednar to Bolivia to talk to us and divide the mission... But the bad part is, the missionaries from outside Cochabamba; Tarija, Tupiza, Bermejo, Sucre, and Potosi will not see them. So that includes me. What a bummer! I really hope someone gives me the details because I love hearing conferences, training meetings, etc.

My companion磗 been helping me alot as well as our area. He磗 a great missionary. I can tell he磗 changed alot in this mission. Seriously, the mission changes lives of others as well as the missionary. You get a better perspective on live and what to do to be successful. It teaches you many priceless lessons and you come back more humble and more powerful. One thing my companion always tells me that we need to suffer in the mission. Many missionaries don磘 want to get up at 6:30 cause they don磘 want to suffer. They don磘 want to be exactly obedient cause they don磘 want to suffer, etc. But if we represent Jesus Christ, we need to suffer because he suffered everything.

Perhaps I don磘 understand the atonement completely. We helped a woman in a wheelchair roll up a hill (and there are many in Sucre). She has a daughter and was picking up her son from the day care. She is single. I guess I do not understand the atonement because this woman was so happy doing things alone, without husband or help. I dunno. I just don磘 understand. When you think you do, you don磘. We are sometimes really blind.
Then a 25 year old came to us, running and screaming `` Elders!This young man was baptized at 13 years. He went through many problems: one year after his baptism, he went inactive, he joined a gang, took drugs, did other bad stuff, and says he knows how to shed blood .. Serious things. But despite all that, he trusts Elders and wants to return to the Church and did! Now, he wants to be a missionary to help people who are in the same situation.

So, we had seen many miracles this week and even more than what I told. I hope you guys are seeing and doing many great things too.

Elder Walker

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