Monday, April 1, 2013

feliz semana santa

Hey familia,

How´s everything? Happy Easter and april fools day (in Bolivia it´s December 28). And instead of Easter, they celebrate semana santa because of the catholics culture here. They serve certain foods each day (so I´ve eaten the same thing for each meal). There is no such thing as the Easter bunny here. At least the practice of hiding and finding eggs is in the scriptures; Job 39:14, and 2 Nephi 20:14. It obviously represents the gathering of the lost tribes....

So this week was stressful to say the least. I was without a companion until wednesday came around. All of those things that I listed last week, I did them and that made my week stressful. I was in the airport and the Bus terminal everyday this week picking up and dropping off missionaries. But with alot of dificulties, I learned a lot. 3 things that I learned are:
1. Under stressful circumstances, be calm, especially if you´re the leader. People will follow that example. If you´re shouting, stressed, impatient, etc, it just makes things worse.
2. The role of stewardships and recieving revelation for every calling, leadership position, etc. You recieve revelation for that calling and nobody else. Things came to my mind this week that I wouldn´t have thought otherwise. We should always respect those that are called, even if they´re not perfect.
3. The Lord always provides.

So even though we didn´t have that much time to work in our area, we still we dilligent and taught a good number of people. my compi Elder Medina is awesome. He´s very obedient, humble, knows alot, and we get along great. He´s probably one of the best companion´s I´ve had. He´s already taught me so much in these few days. He has a ton of desires to share the gospel with everyone and we´ve already gotten to work. He always say that `` (the people) have ears, but do not hear.´´ That has helped me alot take more control over the lessons. Anything that they could say to us is not more important that what we have to say. At least we know the truth and we, the missionaries, need to take control and be the driver in this bus headed towards exaltation. 

Have a fine day,
Elder Walker

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