Monday, April 22, 2013


Dear family,
This internet is very slowww. 30 min has gone by and I just barely got to this page.. Hopefully this letter makes it to you guys. I´ll make it short.

Something I really don´t like here is when they talk about United States, because the governments really don´t get along. It´s a good thing that I only tell you guys about the good stuff that goes on here because there´s alot of opposition especially against northamericans. But apparently there has been some crazy stuff going on there like killings, terrorists, rumors of war with North Korea, etc. Even though I´m on the Lord´s errand, I hear it all, about what goes on and not. But I don´t worry. I know there´s angels protecting the missionaries and that they are also preparing the heart´s of men to hear this message. Those who know don´t talk; those who don´t know talk in ignorance.
We had some good finds this week. One of them is Rosemary. She is probably one of the humblest persons that I´ve met. We contacted her in  the streets and read with her the bienadventurados (I forgot the name in Ingles) in Matt. 5 then taught her how to pray. She lives in this tiny apartment without lights with her grandson. She sells goodies in the street and has suffered alot in life like the death of her husband a long time ago. The Lord loves these people because they really are the treasure of the Earth and will inherit it someday. She came to church the yesterday and brought her grandson and I was impressed with the members, how well they made her feel welcome. Golden.
Another find is Melina, a college student (studying psicology and economics). We found her by knocking doors. She is probably one of the smartest Bolivianas that I have taught. When I say smart, I talking about bible smart. We start quoting a scripture and she finishes it. We had to use alot of logic and the spirit because she understands and recognizes what the spirit is, but says she´s never felt it in its full function in any church. But she´s never been to ours... We say we´re great teachers, but I think the Lord is testing our skills and dependecy on him. If we can convert her, that would be something huge for us.
Keep working hard and be happy.
-Elder Walker

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