Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Dear family,

First thing on my mind. My transfer... I know, that`s what I thought ``A transfer for my last 2 weeks of my mission´´. NOOOO! This is the only time in all of my mission that I didn`t want one. But I just got over it. So I`m going to Quiriza to be with Elder Eyer from my group and two other Elders. Quiriza is a small town outside of Tupiza at the bottom of Bolivia in the Potosi Department. Pres Dyer was there when he was on a mission and helped build the chapel, which is the first one in Bolivia. There`re just sending there for a week and a half to play with horses. I`m sure there are more horses, sheep, pigs, and dogs than people. ¡Que desgracia!  I`m seriously going to the middle of nowhere. I really don`t kow what to think. In my head I`m trying to think positive. ``I´ll go where you want me to go dear lord´´ or the Lord probably has something prepared for me there or at least I can ride a horse to my appointments. I`ll be back in Cochabamba the next Saturday the 14th to go to the Temple and then Sunday the 15th to do our plans as normal. So don`t worry about messing up the plans. 

Other cool thing that happened. A Baptism! yay. My companion Elder Ortiz (from Guatemala mom) got to do his first baptism. It was Diego Lazarte, 15 years old. He has been prepared from the Lord and acepted the gospel as we taught him it. Other elders have tried talking to him, but he didn`t really want anything to do with religion. It`s just a matter of good teaching, says Elder Walker humbly. We also have 6 for sure, programed baptisms in December. But now I won`t be able to be there.... que lastima! We had 8 investigatos in church yesterday. I`m kinda bummed and feel like a great seed planter in the Lord`s vine. I left Potosi, 6 of whom I found and taught got baptized. Left Bella Vista, 8! I left Sucre with a Family of 7 who got baptized the next Saturday and 2 other people since. Now, I leave once again. I sometimes feel like Paul who said to the Corithians, ``the Lord did not send me to baptize. I have planted the seeds and Apollos watered them, but the Lord gave the increase.´´ He said something like that. 

I`m still just thinking of the great adventures that I`ll have this week and next. I`ve gotta work until the end! Just think about the last week of Christ`s live. They take up half of the gospels in the Bible. The most exciting stuff happened to him there. Great teachings, greater miracles, questioning by the Pharasies, Sadduccies, Scribes, ect, the last supper, suffering in the garden of Gethsemane, the betrayl, the judgements by rulers and kings, the Roman punishments, dying on the cross, preaching in the spirit world (1 Peter 3:19) and to top in off, the glorious Resurrection. Wow. Now I`m kinda excited for these weeks. Just imagine if He stopped working there. ``yeps, well, its been fun teaching and doing some cool miracles, but now I`m tired. I`ll see you guys later in 2 weeks. I`m going to take a nap.´´ We would never have been saved if He didn`t accomplish His last two weeks and endure to the end. Even after His death, His mission was not over yet until His resurrection and ascension to the Father. And even then, He`s coming again. One has to ask how He does it. I answer, from the LOVE that he has for us. ``And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her.´´Jacob of old tells us that if we love things, time will seem faster. It`s like the mission. Some say 2 years is a long time to be gone from Family. But I say, having done it, that it seemed to me only a few days long. That`s because I`ve loved the thing I`ve done.

-Elder Walker

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