Friday, November 29, 2013


Querido Familia,
Man.  I am beat.  The latino district is the kick in the butt I needed.  Not only to chastize me for being bored the last couple of weeks, but to get me moving.
When I arrived at the first meeting, I was the only gringo wearing tan pants and alone.  I felt so... white.  Over time things got better, and my district of latinos became familiy!  We all do things together, and they have at everything I say, usually because I dont know what Im saying.  But I cant stand how loud the latinos are.  Theyre constantly talking, moving, or making jokes that usually arent funny haha.  I laugh anyways because they love me.  Latinos keep stealing my stuff too.  Like What the heck haha.  I look across the room, and half of my stuff is being used by another latino.  They claim half my pens as their own haha.  The only thing that really bothers me though is that they dont like to sleep.  They talk untill 12 at night no matter what I tell them, then wake up at 530.  Like how are they alive?  I barely survive off of 8, which I havent gotten since I transferred.  Im going to talk to the president haha.  Ill show them.
My new companions name is Elder Hurtado, and looks like Will Smith.  He has a dark past in the military which is kind of cool, and is pretty quiet most of the time.  He´s really loving..  But other times really serious and impatient.  Hes interesting, but Im not complaining.  Ive learned my lesson about companions.
A short interesting story (well at least to me), My last roommate was baptized as a kid by American missionaries, and is now serving a mission.  I just think its cool to see the effects of missionary work.  That would make me really happy to see kids I baptize end up serving a mission.
Also mom, you should tell Sister Jones that that CTR ring she gave me during the PMG classes, Ive worn this whole time and just gave it away this week to a Peruvian kid who wants to serve a mission.
During an investigator lesson, we were talking about repentance, and I guess I asked a woman if she wanted to repent of her fishes.  Pecados= sins  Pescados = fishes
Best part of my week was the earthquake!!  Well its called a temblor because it was a baby one, but the whole building shook and I was freaking out!  The latinos started dancing which made me freak out even more because I was either dreaming, or already dead.  But dont be scared mom, turns out they happen all the time down here, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.  Even though I was ready to jump out the window, turns out theyre not even dangerous.
Oh another thing I forgot, the apostale Richard M Nelson came and talked to us.  It was about 3 weeks ago.  It was good.  Honestly wasn´t as exciting as I thought Itd be.
I also learned about David and Goliath this week.  In Primary, They seemed to have left out the important detail at the end when David smites off Goliaths head.  I honestly never knew that.
Sorry, I dont have a spiritual story this week.  Im exhausted from taking care of latinos, and especially speaking spanish.  I never want to learn another language again.  Its been a really good week, and I love my family of latinos here.  I promise I´ll have a spiritual story next week.  Oh wait, I go to the field next week!  Sweet!!  I cant wait!  Well, we´ll see what happens :)  Tune in next time.  Love you guys!
Con Amor,
Elder Walker
PS these people need to write me!  Im really sad they havent yet...
Abby Creer
Devon Weaver
Alec Fischmann

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