Sunday, November 10, 2013

What'll You do with the Time that's left?

pics of our awesome latino roommates.  we made fun of my companion alot in spanish because he couldnt speak it.  Also me and a good latino friend, and a picture of what the brooms and dustpans look like down here.
Querido familia,
Well, I´m sure you all think I´m dead becuase I did´nt write yesterday.  I´d like you to all know I´m ok.  Calm down.  Please stop worrying about me.  It´s not like I was almost deported yesrday or anything...
Jk.  Dad wouldn´t be surprised if I was.  Yesterday was Pday, or as we call it, Play Day.  But when we got back from the temple we had to take a last minute trip to immigration, where we spent the rest of our play day waiting in lines, bus rides, and eating the weirdest Papa John´s pizza I ever had in my life.  They´re like "To make up for you´re lost Pday, were buying you Papa Juans!!"  Yaaaaay!  Grossest Pizza in my life.  It was some olive like vegetables I had never seen before, other chunks of suprise food, and raw hamburger.  Yet I still ate 7 slices.  So I guess it wasn´t that bad... 
But it was a waste because we missed our appointment anyways so we´ll have to do it all over again.  Hopefully on a class day this time.
Anyways,  this week was a little rougher for me.  My companion was pushing me over the edge with his blatent disobedience and schytzophrenia.  Everywhere we go he has a new dumb song to sing and asks the most random questions.  Like think of the most random thing you can think of, and he´ll have a fun fact and story about it.  I still love him, but come on.  Everyone treats us like "THAT companionship".  I swear some people ignore me just because they know my companion is right behind me.  It makes me laugh inside.  But still, I´m not sure I want to be THAT companionship.
The other thing is that I´ve been hit with a case of Montezuma´s Revenge all week.  Up untill today, the bathroom was pretty much my bedroom.  I would even study in there because It took so much time.
Sorry, that was probably too much info.  But it´s one of the many sacrifices Im making to be a missionary :) 
The last thing is that I´ve been slightly homesick inside this week.  Alot of the people here are the weird kind of mormons I would ignore at efy.  We get along but I need more people who are like me.  Plus leaders are kind of frustrating me because I carry the vast majority of the weight in the companionship, and they dont understand that my companion does nothing half the time but talk to himself or sing an opera song.  Gah.
I feel like I gave up everything I ever wanted when I left.  I had many awesome friends who I had the time of my life with.  I had family that was there for me, played with me, and was proud of me.  I had a home that I could be myself in and not be bothered by things and people so much.  But then again I guess that´s the reason I came out, is because there are people who don´t have that, or even know what family feels like.  I really was happy, so I guess I need to remind myself that there are people who suffer, whereas I have peace and a life surrounded by people who care and understand me.  The city here was a big awakening.  Everything is trashy and crammed together.  Theres a bunch of people who just rot on the street (for lack of a better word).  I want to reach out to them.  And I will.  There´s alot of work to do.
But on the bright side, there are still fun things that Ill miss about the CCM (MTC).  We have poker night every wednesday and sunday.  Of course I clean them out.  We´re writing a cake rap right now.  We play soccer almost everyday, and its alot more dangerous than it should be.  I had my first hot cup of tea ever.Don´t worry mom, the tea here is Jesus approved.  I happened to pick the flavor "Anís Tea"  I tasted exactly how it sounds.  The only thing Im dissappointed in yet is that I haven´t gotten a latino sister´s email address.  Usually because they cant understand me so I look like an idiot.  Or at least I hope theyre not pretending.  Whatever.  I don´t need them...
As always, thank you guys for any letters, I love reading and writing letters so please write me!!  Also send a picture too!
Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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