Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Real E-mail from Elder Ryan Walker

When I first arrived, there should have been a sign that said, "Welcome to Spirit Prison!".  If there was, it was probably in español.
Just kidding.  This last week was sweet!!!  I must admit, I don´t really miss home.  I miss alot of my friends and family, but that´s about it.  I feel like everyone has already forgotten about me and moved on with their lives haha.    But ya.  I´m learning alot about the Gospel and how to preach it.  A little disspointed that they don´t teach  us Spanish though.  They only teach us The Gospel in Spanish.  I´ll show them. I´ll learn spanish anyways.
Alot of the missionaries here still act like high school.  Its kind of lame, I was expecting better.  But at the same time it´s fun.
The weather here is fantastico.  I like the jumidity, and it´s always the perfecto tempertaure.  The sky is always musty and I think I saw the sun one time.  I think.  There´s also only one star in the sky at night.  But I think it´s a planet.  que triste.
The food is delicioso!!  We always have rice, beans, some foreign meat, and a dessert that is a new adventure to try everytime.  I love the fruits and veges.  Theres one where you have to smash it open, then drink the juices inside.  Its delicious, but it looks like baby fish inside so i couldn´t do it.  And in case youre wondering mamita, I havent had any health problems.  I feel great, look great, poop great, life is great.
SO here are some stories.
Our fourth day in, they thought theyd reward us for being good, so they said theyd gave us helado!!!  ayyaaaa por helado!!  (ice cream).  Everyone ran to the cafeteria, only to find  they broke the key to the freezer.  No helado for us.  All we had was a broken key, and broken hearts.
One Elder randomly left to talk to the president for 2 hours.  Then he said goodbye.  And we never saw him again.  hmm.
We went to town today.  I bought a llama tie.
Ya, I don´t have that many great stories.
The hardest part of my week was my companion.  I had heard the rumors about crappy companions, but I never thought I´d get stuck with one.  He´s super disobedient, and always does whatever he wants.  And then he gets upset when people don´t like him or talk to him.  He´s super opinionated and is always telling nasty high school jokes even after I tell him not to.  He talks forever too.  He´s like the thing that wouldn´t shut up.  Just kidding.  In the end, I know he still has a heart of gold and cares deeply for people.  He´s really hilarious when he tries not to impress people.  He lacks alot of faith, but I think he´ll come around eventually.  Halfway through the week I prayed 3 times as much and hard for help with obedience on both of our parts.  I began to be 10 times as obedient, and my efforts payed off.  The last few days went much better, and I could actually feel the Sprit.
Oh I forgot!  Danget!!!  I started making a quote book for him hahaha.  When he talks to himself or girls, he says the stupidest things that are hilarious!!  Well, at least to me.  I´ll share some of his quotes next week when I remember my book.  I already have 4 pages lol.  Here´s one I remember:
"The ladies be like daang Elder Andrew why can´t I date you?  I´m like sorry ladies, I´m taken by the Lord." -Elder Andrew
Maybe it´s just me haha but I think his quotes are funny.  That whole rumor about that your future wife has a trait from everyone of your campanions?  All lies.  I could never marry someone like my companion.  Unless he can cook.  I dont know yet, but Ill accept that one.
Welp, thank you all who read this.  I´m finished now.  Go back to your normal boring lives.  And thank you for those who wrote me, Im going to write you next, hopefully I dont run out of time!!  Ill also upload pictures. 
I seriously miss all of you.  Coming out here, the biggest sacrifice was leaving you guys behind.  I love you.  Have a nice life.
Con Amor
Elder Walker

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