Monday, November 18, 2013

A Race...Happy BIrthday a mí

The little girl beat  me.

You gotta have fun in the work as well..
Dear Family,

Yes mom, I got the package, but not the letter nor the card. Unless it was the card/letter in the package, then sì. One recomendation for next time (haha, there won`t be a next time), please don`t send jelly. 2 reasons. 1. there`s jam/jelly/marmelada here. 2. It exploded over everything. It was really sticky. I had to wash everything, which felt weird washing ketchup packets... wait, why were there ketchup packets? I swear you guys just took out some of the old condiments from the food cabnet that you don`t use and sent them here to poor Bolivia.

For my birthday, I just have appointments all day long from people inviting me to eat. Let`s hope I don`t get that fat.

This week, people called my companionship, the crippleds. As you see in the photo I sent, I ankle is bad and my companion`s arm is bad. Everyone thought we got in a fight with each other or on the streets. I`m fine now, but what happened was the same thing that happend in Sucre. I twisted my ankle and the same part was swollen and a little purple. Looks like I won`t play soccer for the rest of my mission (haha 1 month). My companion has tendonitis... yeah, don`t know what that is, but if it doesn`t heal in 3 weeks, there`re going to do surgery.

I had an interview with my president because my temple recommend expired. He made me feel good as he said that any people have respect for me in the mission and that I should be happy. Then he made me sign the recommend and then gave me a lecture for the next 10 min on how I need to change my signature. He showed me the signatures of the apostles and asked me which one I could`t read. Then he asked me which ones didn`t have their middle or first inicial. There are Hundreds of Craig Walkers. I am practicing now, but it made me think of an important doctrine. Jesus Christ is our example. We should do what he does with nothing varying. Many people grow beards and say that Jesus had a beard. But who are the witnesses and those who have seen Christ today? The Prophets and Apostles. None of them have beards. My mission president once said that if we want priesthood power, we need to act and look how the apostles are. Interesting right?

I hope we are all trying to do what the prophet said, we need to ```Rescatar´´ or in English, help people re-activate. It sounds better in Spanish because it also means rescue. This will also help us find new people to teach for the missionaries. One cool experience that we had this week that could help Dad was an invasion. In the Ward council meeting. We talked about an inactive family whose kids are my converts. In that family, it includes the Elders quorum, relief society, young single adults, young men, and the primary. All the leaders of those groups, along with the bishop and the missionary work, went to this family as an invasion. We had a family home evening of about 20 people thursday night. What love, what success! We`re going to continue with this idea going from family to family. 1 by 1. Slowing down, focusing on 1 at a time will help us hasten the Lord`s work.

I`m going to sum up what Cameron said in his first line. The secret to success is ENTHUSIAM

-Elder Walker


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